2020 Volvo XC60: Consumer Reports Says ‘Not Everything Is Rosy’ in This ‘Stiff Ride’

Swedish automaker Volvo is known for its appealing, stylish, and practical luxury vehicles. Its latest, new compact SUV borrows styling cues from other luxury SUVs in the lineup, but is the new 2020 Volvo XC60 everything it’s cracked up to be? After a road test, the experts at Consumer Reports have a few things to say about Volvo’s newest XC60. And they’re not necessarily good.

Where the new 2020 Volvo XC60 is lacking most, according to Consumer Reports

Though the new 2020 Volvo XC60 has received good ratings in a variety of areas, Consumer Reports’ test drive found that “not everything is rosy in this newest Swede.”

In its second generation, the interior design may be elegant, but the features you get are not all they appear to be. Experts at Consumer Reports found its “frustrating controls” to be just one of the problems with Volvo’s latest XC60.

Consumers may be lured in by the XC60’s optional semi-self-driving Pilot Assist system, but Consumer Reports finds that the feature has “no proven safety benefit.” In addition, drivers still need to be constantly paying attention and ready to take over when necessary. This additional, non-beneficial features may only add to frustration in the XC60.

Consumer Reports experts also point out the new XC60’s less-than-comparable acceleration and fuel economy within the luxury compact SUV segment. And when comparing ride comfort, the 2020 Volvo XC60 just doesn’t stack up.

Consumer Reports found the ride to be “unduly stiff,” “particularly jarring when encountering bumps, ruts, and potholes.” Other negative finds with Volvo’s latest luxury SUV include unrefined engine noise, uninspiring handling, and a frustrating-to-use infotainment system.

When it comes to ratings, Consumer Reports gives the 2020 Volvo XC60 an average score of three out of five in both predicted reliability and predicted owner satisfaction. It received the same cool ratings in emergency handling, ride comfort, and cargo area. The new XC60 received a low score of two out of five in usability. When compared to other luxury SUVs on the market, the new XC60 may not offer as much value.

What Consumer Reports feel Volvo got right with the XC60

The road test wasn’t a complete disaster, as Volvo is known for its high-quality vehicles. The 2020 XC60, despite a few flaws, is Consumer Reports seventh pick for new luxury compact SUVs, receiving an overall score of 71 (out of 100).

The 2020 Volvo VX60 received perfect, five-out-five scores in a variety of areas, including braking, front-seat comfort, interior fit/finish, and climate system. The XC60 received good/average, four-out-five scores in the areas of acceleration, transmission, routine handling, noise, and front/rear access.

On the road test, Consumer Reports experts loved the XC60’s advanced safety features, smooth-shifting transmission, and comfortable seating, done “in true Volvo custom.” Its interior finishes provide a “rich ambiance” to the cabin and braking performed wonderfully in all tests.

How other experts feel about the 2020 Volvo XC60

The people at Car and Driver give the 2020 Volvo XC60 a pretty good overall rating of four out of five. Captivated by its “style and Swedish sensibility,” Car and Driver could overlook the “laggy infotainment display,” “inconsistent power delivery,” and “small interior storage cubbies.”

When provided with the XC60 Polestar hybrid variant, the experts at MotorTrend were left in a state of confusion. In fact, MotorTrend claims that isn’t a bad car, “just confused.” While establishing that the Volvo XC60 is certainly a “very nice midsize crossover,” MotorTrend believes that while each separate element is great, “it’s how they all come together that leaves driving aficionados wanting more.”