2020 Toyota Supra: The Long-Term Quality Results May Surprise You

Reviews for the 2020 Toyota Supra are mixed, to say the least. Toyota launched the Supra as an all-new model for 2020. Some critics appreciate practically and energy. However, others can’t get over its lack of powertrain options. But in terms of predicted reliability, the Supra just might wow you.

Toyota Supra reliability 

A gray 2020 Toyota Supra on the track.
2020 Toyota Supra | Toyota

The 2020 Toyota Supra did pretty well in its initial reliability test, according to Consumer Reports. Reviewers at CR were impressed with the Supra’s overall performance and gave it a 91 out of 100 in its road test. This Toyota earned high marks for its acceleration, braking, and fuel economy. However, CR called out that excess road noise is a drawback of the Supra.

The interior of a 2020 GR Supra GR
The 2020 Toyota GR Supra | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

While the Supra excelled in its road test, CR gave it an average score for predicted reliability. As the organization’s research shows, all-new/redesigned models are less dependable and can be more susceptible to recalls. That said, there are five NHTSA safety recalls on the 2020 Supra.

The first two recalls on the Supra related to potential problems with its front seatbelts and backup camera. Two of them relate to the vehicle’s exterior lights. There was also a potential issue with its rod assembly. While these NHTSA actions are concerning, the Supra is proving to be stable.

Long-term results 

Toyota Supra 2020
Toyota Supra 2020 | Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Road testers at Car and Driver say “so far, so good” with the 2020 Supra. The Car and Driver team recently hit 10,811 miles with its Supra 3.0 model. All 2020 Supras come with a BMW sourced 335-hp, 3-liter six-cylinder linked to an eight-speed automatic. Even though 10,000-plus miles isn’t super long-term, Car and Driver road testers have been pleased with the Supra.

From everyday errands to extended road trips: the Supra has been holding up wells. There have been no problems with the Toyota’s handling. And with a 0-to-60 mph rating of 3.7 seconds, the Supra has no problem with speed either. Car and Driver also said that no matter where they went, the Supra wowed onlookers.

After driving the Supra for a two-week span, editorial operations manager Juli Burke reported, “I got a lot of long, longing looks from car fans.” Print director Eric Tingwall observed, “This car attracts constant attention from males ages eight to 40. They all know it’s a Toyota Supra, they think it’s cool, and those who are aware that BMW builds it could not care less about its origins.” 

Car and Driver

Some weak points to consider 

2021 Toyota GR Supra in blue and white parked on a track with overcast skies
2021 Toyota GR Supra | Toyota

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As you already know, a longer-term relationship with any vehicle is bound to reveal some flaws. With the Supra, Car and Driver found that seat comfort was a bit of an issue for some testers. Others found that the Supra’s low roof lines can make it difficult to see out of. 

Furthermore, Car and Driver also echoes that the Supra’s biggest flaw is road noise. At about 55 mph, the wind noise gets unbearable. But despite these complaints, testers said that the Supra is still a likable sports car.