2020 Rezvani Tank Is Built to Survive the Apocalypse

Do you want to be prepared for the apocalypse but still be oh, so stylish pulling up to the country club? And do you like attention from strangers? Have we got a vehicle for you!

Meet the 2020 Rezvani Tank. These rugged off-roaders are the product of Ferris Rezvani, CEO of Rezvani Motors in Irvine, California. Based on rebodied Jeeps, this latest example uses an existing JL-generation Jeep Wrangler chassis.

“The vision is to offer a fresh design for a purpose-built, rugged, off-road capable vehicle that is muscular, well proportioned, and brand new,” says Rezvani. “As exciting to the eyes as it is to drive.”

2020 Rezvani Tank

Credit: Rezvani

Previous Rezvani Tanks were wrapped around the earlier JK-generation Wrangler chassis. For 2020 you’re looking at an all-new Tank. So, what makes a Jeep a Tank? The suspension comes via Fox Racing, aftermarket builders of off-road components. New bodies are then attached to the chassis. The list of options can go all the way to installing a 707-hp Hellcat engine, as well as the in-demand military-grade electromagnetic pulse protection system. You don’t know what that is? Do you live under a rock or something?

With EPP you are protected from an E1 blast of electromagnetic radiation from a nuclear explosion. Unfortunately, Rezvani has no protection for the ensuing radiation, but at least you’ll be able to drive away from it. EPP also protects from an E2 pulse, which has the same consequences as a lightning strike.

You’re also covered in case of an E3 pulse which is as dangerous as a solar flare. You know, it’s best to guard against those things exploding out like the Devil’s tongue and frying you to a crisp. It could happen to anyone at any time. Too bad there is no protection past E3, but we’d bet Rezvani is working on it.


Credit: Rezvani

Interiors are reworked Wrangler pieces, so that’s a bit disappointing because you would hope the inside is outrageous as outside. The optional sports seats improve things, while the Jeep infotainment system has been ditched for an Alpine unit. And for us, the forward-looking infrared night-vision camera is a must-have option.

For an additional $295,000 the Military Edition comes with the aforementioned EPP, plus AK 47-resistant glass and body armor, underside explosion protection, an efficient smoke screen, and military run-flat tires. All of this, and it will still hit 60 mph in six seconds. Performance and protection: the Tank has it all.

Famous buyers include actor Jamie Foxx and Xzibit, plus a cameo role in the upcoming Men In Black: International flick.

Base Price

Credit: Rezvani

Interested in purchasing a military-grade Military Edition Tank? With production estimated to be ready by the end of summer 2019, only a refundable $2500 deposit is necessary. Prices start at just $165,000 with a V6. Hemi-power ups the list price to $197,000, with the Hellcat swap adding an additional $26,000 to that.

Honestly, we can only imagine that most folks would walk right past a Ferrari F40 or Gallardo to take in the majesty of the Tank. Once you’re in F40 territory, $165,000 doesn’t sound too bad.