2020 Most Sustainable Cars: Tesla Model 3

Whether you like the company or not, Tesla has revolutionized the electric-car industry. And its Model 3 is a more affordable way to obtain your own version of a Tesla electric car. What makes Tesla the leading company in the electric-car market is that Tesla vehicles were always intended to be electric.

Tesla didn’t have to compromise on its design or reconstruct its vehicles like many traditional automakers have to with their versions of electric models. Like its siblings, the Model 3 is environmentally conscious and an electrifying ride.   

What Makes the Model 3 Special?  

The Model 3 lives up to the Tesla name with a suite of high-tech innovations drivers are bound to enjoy. It has an expansive display screen with internet functionally that can quickly access Google Maps in real-time. Its AutoPilot traffic-monitoring and lane management system is among the best for safety, and the cruise control even adjusts to oncoming curves.

There are three tiers of the Tesla Model 3: Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance. The listed price for Standard Range Plus starts just above $40,000, but there is an even more cost-effective way to have your very own Tesla by purchasing the Standard Range model, which is priced at $36,200.

The Standard Range model is not listed on the Tesla website but can be acquired by special order at one of the company’s physical stores. The Standard Range Plus is the lowest-priced Tesla vehicle you can purchase online.

Model 3 Range

On one charge, the Standard Range Plus can drive for 250 miles and hit 50 mph in about 5 seconds. The Model 3’s car cabin is generally pretty spacious, which makes it a comfortable ride for all passengers.    

With the mid-level Model 3 Long Range version, you’ll get a first-class speaker system, among other features. The upgraded Model 3 Performance is, of course, the most notable option and offers a dual-motor-all-wheel-drive, which makes it an ideal choice for handling severe road conditions.

The Model 3 Performance can hit a maximum of 155 mph while the Standard Range Plus hits 140 mph. The Performance travels for 310 miles with only one charge. This version also has additional interior options like the gorgeous premium white selection. Other exciting features of the Model 3 Performance include a lowered suspension for improved handling, better aerodynamics with the help of a carbon-fiber spoiler and aluminum alloy pedals and brakes for non-slip driving.

The main drawback of the Model 3 is its lack of connectivity; it’s not Android Auto or Apple CarPlay compatible, so Bluetooth is the only way to link your devices. Despite this, customer reviews remain positive, and in 2019, the Model 3 outsold all other electric vehicles combined in California. The Model 3 was also the top-selling car in China earlier this year.  

The Final Verdict  

In Tesla fashion, the Model 3 is environmentally friendly, innovative, and intuitive. This vehicle comes in an array of striking colors, has a variety of sleek interior options, and is fun to drive. The Model 3 offers the most affordable way to join the Tesla club but also provides you with the option to splurge on a full suite of premium features.