2020 Mini Cooper: There Still Isn’t Anything Quite Like a MINI

“For drivers who like their cars to be more than mere transportation, there’s nothing else like a MINI.” A MINI Cooper is a great car to have for almost any daily occasion. They are fantastic daily drivers and make great first cars for new drivers getting practice. For a small car, they provide a surprising amount of power. They are also a lot of options for customizing, which is excellent if you want to show off your new MINI Cooper.

2020 MINI Cooper: There Still Isn’t Anything Quite Like a Mini

There are two types of models; the Cooper is the entry-level, which has 134 horsepower, whereas the Cooper S has 180 horsepower. There has been a git of confusion on whether it’s English or German. KBB defines it as a bit of both in their recent review.

The Mini Cooper originated in London, where the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger could be seen riding around in them quite often. The celebrity affection for these unique cars only added to their popularity. Soon after, BMW bought the company and made the MINI what we all know and love today.

Price & Parking

Many consumers are initially concerned with adding another payment to their budget, but with a MINI Cooper, you don’t have to worry about pricing. These are one of the most affordable cars on the market. These cars start at around $23,00 to a little under $30,000, depending on how you want to customize to your vehicle. They don’t take up much space, which only makes your MINI even more unique, and it makes finding parking that much easier.

Safety Features

MINI Coopers are very reliable but nothing that is especially notable concerning safety. When you first buy the car, it comes with an Active Driving Assistant package standard. This package includes active cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, forward collision relief, as well as automatic emergency braking.

Interior comforts of the 2020 MINI Cooper

The 2020 MINI Cooper includes a 6.5-inch central touch screen as well as including modern BlueTooth to the bundle. The MINI also includes a convertible roof that has a fabric rooftop that folds in all the way or just halfway reducing noise and also allowing you to enjoy the sky.

How well does it handle

Every MINI Cooper drives well, and this year’s model dominates over all previous models. The two-door model seems somewhat speedy due to the turbocharged three-cylinder engine, which runs from a full stop to 60 mph in approximately 7 seconds.

The 2020 Mini Cooper is a fantastic car to own and an excellent daily driver. It is a well-liked vehicle due to its affordability, as well as its driving capabilities. From its customizable features to its 0 to 60 mph in 7 seconds, this is a car that can easily stand out on the road.