2020 Jaguar Models Aren’t Doing so Hot in Consumer Reports’ Ratings

Jaguars cars are some of the most expensive yet powerful cars on the market. The two-door Jaguar F-Type comes with five engine options, the most powerful being a 575-hp V8. It also earned a lot of critics’ praise thanks to its electric steering and an excellent suspension system.

However, the rest of Jaguar’s lineup might not be so great. According to Consumer Reports, every remaining 2020 model has a low overall score. The Jaguar F-Type has not been tested by CR yet. If you’ve considered getting a new Jaguar, you may want to read what CR has to say about them first.

The 2020 Jaguar F-Pace

This luxury compact SUV currently has the lowest rating from Consumer Reports. Despite its size, the F-Pace behaves like a small sports car even with the base engine. It has a quick acceleration rate and decent fuel economy for an SUV. Both rows have enough space for adult passengers, and there’s plenty of cargo space in the back.

Despite its speediness, CR’s testers found the cabin to be very noisy during the drive. They noted that the F-Pace’s ride was too stiff compared to other Jaguars. The bulky rear roof pillars made reversing a hassle. CR also felt that the infotainment system should have been more sophisticated to match the F-Pace’s luxury price tag.

The 2020 Jaguar E-Pace

The E-Pace is a relatively new member of the Jaguar family, first released in 2018. It’s a subcompact SUV with two turbocharged engine options, all-wheel drive, and fun handling. It also comes loaded with a lot of standard technology like Bluetooth and smartphone integration.

However, its interior and fuel economy ratings aren’t as impressive as some of its competition. The infotainment system is slow and has many confusing controls. Consumer Reports also said that while the E-Pace has quick reflexes, it delivers a frustrating driving experience overall. The suspension is too stiff and there’s a significant delay when shifting gears.

The 2020 XE

This sedan was refreshed for the 2020 model year with a lot of minor improvements. The rotary shifter was switched out for a gearshift, and the V6 engine option was discontinued. The XE’s interior now has more soft-touch materials, including more comfortable seats. Smartphone integration and many advanced safety features are now included in the base XE.

Despite the added comfort, CR found that the second row is still too cramped to seat taller passengers. While they found driving the XE to be enjoyable, testers noted that some of its controls were difficult to master.

The 2020 XF

Jaguar’s older sedan is still going strong for 2020. It comes with standard rear-wheel drive and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It’s also available with a wagon body style, though this option is a little more expensive. This version comes with more nice extras like heated front seats and rear parking sensors.

CR’s testers enjoyed driving the XF the most out of any 2020 Jaguar. However, they did report loud engine noises and were disappointed with the car’s interior quality. Other minor annoyances include an underpowered A/C system and subpar trunk space.

The 2020 I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace has the best overall rating from Consumer Reports for the automaker, though it’s still not as high as many rivals. It’s a midsize hybrid SUV, boasting a stylish interior and an impressive all-electric range of 234 miles. According to CR’s numbers, it gets a combined fuel economy rating of 76 mpg.

Unfortunately, the battery takes 13 hours to charge completely. There’s no engine noise in the cabin, but the ride is stiff and brakes have a mushy feel. Despite these flaws, the I-Pace currently has the highest owner satisfaction rating.