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When it comes to midsize cars, the competition is steep, and the vehicles are hard to distinguish sometimes. However, it’s no secret that the Toyota Camry wins the hearts of consumers everywhere. Challenging the Camry’s beloved status is the up and coming Hyundai Sonata.

Both cars bring some of the industry’s best features, highest reliability and safety ratings, and unique style. Considered by many as smart car-buying selections in terms of value and resale, both sedans beg to be test-driven. So, which car is better?

What the 2020 Hyundai Sonata brings to the table

The Sonata is a great car that competes well among the competition in its class and deserves attention. It boasts a range of above-average standard equipment, including both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

One unique feature is the Sonata’s push-button gear selector, which for some, takes a little getting used to. If you’re looking for user-friendly tech, standard safety, and driver assistance features, or engine configuration options, the Sonata is a winner. Whether you want the more fuel-efficient 2.5L inline four-cylinder engine or the 1.6L four-cylinder turbocharged engine, you won’t be disappointed.

Why everyone loves the 2020 Toyota Camry

There’s plenty to love about the Toyota Camry this year. This sedan, like its Hyundai counterpart, offers engine choices. Instead of a second four-cylinder option, however, the Camry offers a V6 and get this — all-wheel drive.

Adding to this model’s long history and reputation for being safe, reliable, and fun to drive, it’s bringing AWD capability only offered in two other sedans, ever. The Camry also brings a host of the best tech and driver aids, along with fuel economy and affordable price points.

For Android device users, the Camry is now offering Android Auto connectivity this year. There’s a reason the Toyota Camry is often a top pick among consumers and experts.

Significant value differences to consider

Let’s talk numbers. The starting MSRP for the Toyota Camry is $24,295. The entry-level price tag on the Hyundai Sonata $23,400. With only a slight difference in pricing, the next value contributor might be warranty coverage.

Hyundai offers the industry’s best warranty platforms, with factory coverage for five years/60,000 miles, emissions coverage for up to eight years/80,000 warranty, and more. Also, when it comes to features, while both sedans match up on most, the standard extras on the Sonata certainly offer a bigger bang for the buck.

On the flip-side, the Toyota Camry has some of the best reliability and cost of ownership ratings of all the cars in its segment. The Camry also brings more trim and configuration options with nine variations from which to choose, versus the Hyundai’s four potential variations.

What kind of buyer are you?

To really decide which of these sedans is a perfect fit for your lifestyle, you need first to identify what kind of buyer you are. If you’re in the market for an AWD car, there’s clearly only one choice for you. For those tackling inclement weather or off-pavement navigating, it’s a no-brainer.

But, if you’re a little more price-conscious and want a tad more luxury to your daily commute, the Sonata might be the best choice. Really evaluate how you plan to use your car. How long you plan to keep and drive your car may also be helpful to crunch numbers in your overall cost of ownership values.

Both the Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata are classy, fun, and fully loaded sedans. If you’ve narrowed down your search to either these two models, you’re almost guaranteed to go home with a winner regardless of which you drive off the lot.