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In 2020, Honda will have a massive lineup of motorcycles. No matter what you love about bikes, Honda has something in store for you. Here’s a brief overview of Honda’s motorcycle lineup for 2020.

Honda CBR1000RR

For people interested in the sporty aspect of bikes, the CBR1000RR is the one for you. It’s not a beginner’s motorcycle by any means. You’ll need a lot of experience to handle its intense 189-hp engine

The CBR1000RR’s massive, nearly 1-liter engine allows it to get great performance figures, too. With a top speed of about 186 miles per hour, this is the bike for anyone who wants to go fast. There are plenty of trims available, including one with an anti-lock braking system for added safety. If you want to own this powerful bike, it’ll set you back about $16,500. 

Honda Gold Wing 

Equipped with a massive 1.8-liter 125-hp engine, the Gold Wing is a powerful bike, but it’s not meant for speed like the CBR1000RR. Rather, the Gold Wing is Honda’s premier touring motorcycle. 

This large bike can carry far more cargo than a regular model, making it ideal for road trips. Due to its design, the Gold Wing provides a comfortable, smooth ride, with optional features like an airbag. Its 5.5-gallon gas tank allows it to go on long drives. As a large touring bike, the Gold Wing starts at about $24,000. 

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

For adventure bike enthusiasts, Honda’s Africa Twin Adventure Sports line provides an exhilarating ride. According to Top Speed, Honda has updated the Africa Twin bikes to be more rugged. Armed with a 94-hp engine and a drive-train meant for off-roading, it’s a great motorcycle for an adventure. Many variants are available, including ones with an anti-lock braking system. The Africa Twin Adventure Sports start at about $15,000.

Honda CBR300R

Like the CBR1000RR, the CBR300R is a far more beginner-friendly bike. One of the best motorcycles for beginners, it will return to the marketplace in 2020. The CBR300R is even smaller version than before. With a smaller, more manageable engine, as well as optional safety features like anti-lock braking, the CBR300R is an ideal bike for beginners. It’s also a fairly affordable bike, starting at about $4,700.

Honda Shadow Phantom

For fans of cruising bikes, Honda’s Shadow Phantom should be a hit. It’s decked out with all the features you’d expect from a cruiser, as well as a beautiful design. Not unlike the Gold Wing, the Shadow Phantom is a more customizable bike overall. This comfortable cruising bike starts at about $8,000.  

Honda Monkey

The 2020 version of the Monkey will be even more stripped down as it won’t come with an anti-lock braking system. Regardless, that’s what many Monkey fans wanted, so Honda is giving it to them. This is a very small but very fun motorcycle. It’s also easy to control, so it’s good for beginners. It’s a comfortable bike for urban riding and urban parking.

While it retains its ’60s style, the Monkey has been updated everywhere else with modern features and technologies. Owning this fun little bike will set you back about $4,000.