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The 2020 Honda Insight is a reliable and comfortable hybrid. Edmunds ranked the Honda Insight number one in best used hybrids. What sets Honda Insight apart from the competition?

A red 2020 Honda Insight hybrid sedan parked in front of a bridge
2020 Honda Insight | Honda

Edmunds raves about the 2020 Honda Insight

On its list of best used hybrids, Edmunds ranks the Honda Insight number one across the category. Edmunds praised Honda’s discreet design, impressive fuel economy, and comfortable ride. Criticisms of the hybrid were few and far between. Engine noise was cited as the only major complaint with the Insight. It’s a small blemish in an otherwise shining review.

Edmunds also ranked the 2020 Honda Insight number one in its list of best new cars that year. The hybrid impressed Consumer Reports with its fuel economy, which outperforms the 2020 Prius. J.D. Power and Associates gave it passing marks across the board, including resale value.

Prices for a 2020 Honda Insight reported ranging from $18,000 to $22,000 for the base trim model. Great value, incredible fuel economy, and stylish design make this hybrid a well-rounded used car.

A luxurious feel for less

the 2020 Honda Insight EX's infotainment screen
2020 Honda Insight infotainment system | Honda

The Honda Insight interior has earned high marks, with reviewers from several organizations finding it comfortable and well-appointed. Even the base trim package comes loaded with safety features and comforts that feel expensive. Adaptive cruise control, Honda Sensing, push-button ignition, and LED headlights are nice touches.

The EX trim package is Edmunds’ favorite. This package costs a little more but piles on the added features. This trim level also received better fuel economy than the more expensive Touring. The infotainment screen is larger in this trim package and features smartphone integration. It’s also equipped with a LaneWatch camera.

Potential pitfalls of the 2021 Honda Insight

Gray leather interior of a 2020 Honda Insight sedan
2020 Honda Insight interior | Honda

Used car shoppers should always be wary of recalls that affect their vehicle. Manufacturers contact original buyers directly. It’s not always possible for a manufacturer to contact used buyers with important notifications. Any used car should be researched with the manufacturer to check its recall status.

There are four active recalls for the Honda Insight. In 2020 More than 130,000 Insights were sold with a potentially dangerous fuel system issue. A low-pressure pump within the fuel tank is prone to failure. If the fuel pump fails, it can cause the engine to stall. NHTSA number 20V314000 and NHTSA number 21V215000 identify fuel pump recalls.

The Honda Insight also has an active recall regarding a software issue. The bug causes the car’s main control unit to lose contact with peripheral systems such as the rear camera, windshield wipers, and exterior lighting. NHTSA number 20V771000 identifies this recall.

NHTSA recall number 20V798000 addresses an electrical issue in the 2020 Honda Insight. A malfunction within the car’s battery system can result in a loss of drive power. This issue occurs when the Insight fails to charge the battery while the car is in motion.

The Honda Insight impresses with its expensive feel and low price tag. Buyers love that it holds resale value. Active recalls aren’t enough to disuade buyers from this great, economcal option.