2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Has More Manual Transmissions

Honda isn’t afraid of change, and the 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback is just further proof of this. The 2019 Civic added several new changes such as an updated exterior design, better fuel economy, and improved safety features. The 2019 model was so impressive that MotorTrend picked the Civic over the Mazda 3. Yet the 2020 model may be better than its predecessors.

According to Car and Driver, the 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback will offer manual driving on more models, as well as other great features that consumers will love.

Manual Transmission

While some may fear that Honda’s cutback on sedan models would include the Civic, that doesn’t seem to be the case. While Honda may be putting more focus on it’s SUV models, it’s still putting in a lot of effort into making the Civic better than ever. 

The most recent example of this is adding the option of a manual transmission to more models. According to Car and Driver, “The six-speed manual transmission, previously available only on the Sport model, is now offered on the fully loaded Sport Touring model as well.”

For drivers who prefer a manual to an automatic, this is very exciting news. 

Kelley Blue Book reports, “Regardless of transmission, all Civic hatchbacks are powered by a turbocharged 1.5-liter four; that engine makes 174 horsepower in the LX, EX, and EX-L, and 180 horses in the Sport and Sport Touring, thanks to their freer-flowing exhaust.”


The days when a car was upscale if it had power windows are long gone. Now, most new cars come with an infotainment system, but unlike its cross-country rival Toyota, Honda also offers both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the Civic. If you have an Android phone, that could be the decision-maker right there.

Other Updates

According to Motor1, Honda has now made push-button start and keyless entry standard on the Sport and Sport Touring models. Other minor changes include headlights that have a blackout treatment and wheels that are black or dark gray. 

Motor1 also reported that “Inside, Honda has differentiated each trim level with different dashboard trims. Sport Touring and EX-L trims receive an exclusive brushed black treatment while the LX and EX have a new painted pattern. The Sport trim gets a geometrical pattern.”

The EX trim steering wheel feels better than ever with a leather-wrap. It also includes an eight-way power driver’s seat, giving drivers superior back support as they drive. If you have a long commute, this would make your drive far more comfortable. 

While some drivers may prefer muscle cars that purr as they barrel around curves, others just want a little peace and quiet as they travel. For drivers who like a quieter ride, Honda has added sound insulation to all models.  

2020 Honda Civic Pricing

With such great features, the next question on everyone’s mind is how much the new Hatchback will cost. The good news is that while some models have gone up, it’s not such a huge price hike that consumers in this budget range will have to look elsewhere.

According to Car and Driver, the Civic Hatchback has gone up a mere $200. This means that prices start at $22,580. With the new additions that have been added, this mild price bump is more than worth it.