2020 Ford Transit Connect Might Be the Best Family Wagon Ever

Whether you want to call it a minivan, city van, work van, or wagon, the 2020 Ford Transit Connect isn’t just a car. It’s a tool. This functional little van may be popular as a commercial vehicle, but it might also be the best family car ever.

The front of a white Ford Transit Connect cargo van
2020 Ford Transit Connect cargo van | Ford Motor Company

It’s totally overlooked as a minivan choice, and its association with the commercial market means that it’s not commonly one that comes to mind when weighing in on minivans or SUVs in terms of a good family car. But many families might actually find that this is the family utility vehicle they’ve been searching for. The 2020 Ford Transit Connect isn’t just a cake carrier for food catering services. It’s the ultimate family wagon.

2020 Ford Transit Connect passenger wagon features

We already know that this microscopic little family bus has a fully commercial counterpart. The cargo wagon is a leading commercial vehicle. But is the passenger version of the 2020 Ford Transit Connect a good family car?

infotainment and dash display on the modern 2020 transit connect passenger wagon
Ford Transit Connect interior | Ford Media

According to Edmunds, the Ford Transit Connect passenger wagon is part of the Ford Transit Connect generation that entered the US market in 2014. Since then it has earned a reputation for being the simple commercial utility vehicle that it is. But add some seating and a few more windows and you’ve got the Ford Transit Connect passenger wagon.

The 2020 Transit Connect model comes with a pretty sweet list of standard features. These standard features include a rearview camera and automatic headlights. In addition to this basic-but-appreciated tech, the 2020 Ford Transit Connect passenger wagon also has standard forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. Plus, it also includes a full suite of  optional driver assistance technology.

a blue Ford Transit Connect parked in a family driveway
Ford Transit Connect | Ford Media

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Ford Transit Connect passenger pricing

This small family van comes in a variety of configurations. It also has several different trim levels. The advanced driver aids are standard on both the XL and Titanium Ford Transit connect model trims. It’s an available feature on the XL 2020 Transit Connect models.

“The pint-sized passenger van can seat up to seven people and offers useful configurability. Its spunky four-cylinder engine and modest proportions help make it quick and maneuverable in tight spaces and heavy traffic.” 

Car and Driver review

According to Car and Driver, the 2020 Ford Transit Connect is an excellent city car for families. And the pricing is affordable. The XL base model is priced starting at $28,315. The XLT, which adds not only the driver assist suite but also a standard touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as integrated navigation and a WiFi hotspot, starts for $29,050. The Titanium trim gives you a fully loaded Transit Connect passenger wagon for $32,165.

side view of a blue ford transit connect
Ford Transit Connect side view in front of a nice home

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If you don’t want to spend an extra 10 grand for something like the luscious concierge inspired minivan interiors like the top trim Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, or Toyota Sienna, the 2020 Ford Transit Connect passenger wagon is a good minivan. It offers 7 passenger seating and plenty of cargo space. Additionally––though it sadly lacks an EcoBoost engine option–– the Ford Transit Connect passenger wagon’s 4-cylinder engine has plenty of pep for city driving.

interior with the seat folded
interior view with the seats folded | Ford Media

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Family wagon versatility

Obvious a vehicle designated for utilitarian purposes, this family wagon may tick all of your boxes in terms of the perfect family car. It’s even boasts a more “stylish figure that stands out from the boxier profiles of its competitors”––according to Edmunds. If you’re willing to skip some of the luxury the mainstream minivan market offers, the 2020 Ford Transit Connect passenger wagon is the the ultimate blend of utility and family fun. You get a lot for the price in addition to an EPA rating of 19 mpg city/27 mpg highway. Once you realize its value and versatility, it’s hard to argue with the Transit wagon as a good family vehicle.