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The Ford Transit is one of the most important camper van platforms on the market. However, the Mercedes often gets all the attention. This 2020 AWD 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 Ford Transit camper van conversion is one of the best RVs.

this 2020 Ford Transit camper van facing the camera with a rack of lights. This is probably one of the best RVs.
2020 Ford Transit camper van made by Limitless Van | Limitless Van

The Ford Transit makes for one of the best RVs

The folks over at Expedition Portal recently acquired this 2020 Ford Transit to convert into a camper van. Unfortunately, unlike the Mercedes Sprinter van, the overlanding upfitting world doesn’t offer nearly the same amount of products for the Ford Transit. However, that is starting to change. 

Limitless Van is an overlanding outfitter specializing in Ford Transit camper van conversions, and they are offering this 2020 Ford Transit AWD for sale to show the range of products they make.

Limitless Van’s 2020 Ford Transit camper van conversion

The 2020 Ford Transit van shown here is a brand-new demo model meant to show off what Limitless is up to. This particular one only has 200 miles on it, so the owner will truly be getting a new van. 

One of the coolest things about this camper van is the powerplant that keeps it rolling. Although the base 3.7-liter is a great engine, this 3.5-liter EcoBoost is truly the cream of the crop for the Ford Transit. The Transit’s EcoBoost makes 400 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque which will come in handy for any towing needs. 

One of the coolest parts of this build is the subtlety that Limitless Vans used when building it. Unlike many colossal campers, this Ford Transit hasn’t been customized into a full-blown house on wheels. Instead, this van is still perfectly usable as a people carrier, gear hauler, and of course, a camper. 

According to Expedition Portal, with an easily removable platform bed and a bench seat that slides forward and back and folds down for sleeping, this van is built for work or play and comfortably seats and sleeps up to five people. In addition, because of how restrained the build was, the van is more useful than most campers. This fact alone puts in the running for one of the best RVs. 

Power! Limitless power!!

Profile shot of the Limitless Van.
2020 Ford Transit camper van made by Limitless Van | Limitless Van

OK. Maybe it’s not limitless power, but this 2020 Ford Transit camper van is set up with 200 AH Lithium Battle Born batteries, a 3,000 watt-watt Victron inverter/charger, and 200-watt Zamp Obsidian solar panels, meaning it’s ready for some serious off-grid adventuring.

To manage all this power, Limitless Van added a Bluetooth RedArc Total Vehicle Management System. Unfortunately, trying to live the vanlife without a strong electrical system can put a real damper on things. 

These specs make this 2020 Ford Transit one of the best RVs on the market

Limitless Van’s 2020 Ford Transit camper van has a monster spec sheet. It doesn’t have as much as other campers, but the subtlety is the key to its success. It features Marine-grade ply-wall panels, Ceiling and wall bracing, Ceiling and wall bracing, and Noico sound deadening.

Like any camper van gunning for being one of the best RVs, storage has been well considered here. The Transit has 4′ overhead cabinets w/interior lights, 5′ overhead cubby cabinets, and 2 wheel well cabinets. 

And, of course, the exterior has been seen to and looks outrageously cool. The 2020 Ford Transit has been given a set of Mazama open range AT snow-rated tires, the Limitless Van’s safari rack with KC HiLites LED lights, a Limitless Van side ladder, and Limitless Van rear tire carrier and ladder. 

Although this build stayed minimal, Limitless offers damn near anything you could ever want for a Ford Transit. In addition, the list of potential modifications on these vans is almost endless, so if you want additional upgrades, they can easily install a lift kit, front bumper, winch, exterior shower, kitchen galley, and more. 

For this camper van build, Limitless Van is asking $112,400. This is a killer deal considering the quality of the build and the fact that it comes with a full warranty. 


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