2020 Ford GT Gets Unnecessary Updates Making It Even More Desirable

Ford is going to make the fabulous GT go out with a bang. For such a limited production vehicle that will see production end in 2022, it has lavished the GT with many new surprises. The 2020 GT will get some unnecessary updates making it, even more, desirable than it already was.

The least of which is the “Liquid Carbon” finish exposing the carbon fiber body in all its glory. If it’s too showy the factory will add racing stripes and painted side mirrors. Stripes can be ordered from an extended color pallet which one would expect. We wouldn’t put it past them to add almost any paint application but you’ll have to take that up with Ford.

The Ford GT gets what will surely be desirable finish called “Liquid Carbon”

Liquid Carbon 2020 Ford GT | Ford

The Liquid Carbon option exposes the carbon fiber body but there is still a clear coat to protect the finish. Carbon fiber wheels are part of the package because they tie in with the rest of the whole carbon fiber celebration. There’s also titanium lugnuts and six-point racing harness anchors.

But, let’s say you have a hankering for something more nostalgic? For 2020 you can get an updated Gulf Racing livery that only looks right on a very few cars. This is one of them. It harkens back to the LeMans-winning GT 40s of 1968 and 1969. Ford calls it the Ford GT Heritage Edition. The addition of the number 6, because it was the winning car, completes the homage. Carbon fiber wheels are an option for this paint application as well.

For the interior, there are five optional colors with a choice of caliper colors as well. “Our team is very focused on delivering a car that exceeds customer expectations,” said Mike Severson, Ford GT program manager. “The black pinstripe and carbon fiber wheels have been highly requested with the Gulf livery, so we committed to making that happen.”

For 2020 there’s an engine horsepower increase

2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon Edition | Ford

In the power department, the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 gets a 13 hp increase from 2019. The engine now puts out 660 hp. A broader torque curve comes from a new calibration and there are also new gallery-cooled pistons and high-energy ignition coils as part of the upgrade. Changing some of the ductwork increases airflow to the engine by 50%. Torque doesn’t change at 550 lb-ft, nor does the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. 

Akrapovič titanium exhaust provides a richer tone and shaves nine pounds from the overall weight. The turbo intercoolers have been enlarged allowing more charge air to help cool things down. 

While a lot of this seems unnecessary it does keep the spotlight on the GT for 2020

2020 Ford GT Heritage Edition | Ford
2020 Ford GT Heritage Edition | Ford

Increased suspension damping in track mode is yet another update. While all of this seems overkill it definitely keeps attention focussed on the very few GTs seeing the light of day. Since price is not a consideration it becomes a matter of relieving potential customers of a few more greenbacks. It will obviously give some lucky buyers sleepless nights trying to decide if they’ll like all of the added attention exposed carbon fiber brings. 

“Ford GT continues to be the pinnacle of Ford performance,” said Ed Krenz, Ford Performance chief program engineer. “GT is always the ultimate expression of Ford racing innovation, and as we know from the 1966 Le Mans through today that means constantly raising our game for our customers as well as earning the checkered flag.”