2020 Ford F-150: Is There Anything You Won’t Love About America’s Truck?

The current version of the Ford F-150 has continued the truck’s dominance in the market. The F-150 has led sales since 1982, and the 2015 redesign hasn’t knocked Ford off their well-worn trail at the front of the pack. It’s the class leader for a reason, and no one looking for a pickup could go wrong choosing the classic Ford F-150 (especially when it’s on sale). But no vehicle is perfect. Today we’re going to take a closer look at some flaws in America’s Favorite truck.

Where the F-150 scores high (and where it doesn’t)

The Ford F-150 shines off-road, especially when you get up to trims like the Raptor. Unfortunately, it can’t specialize everywhere. When it comes to more menial jobs like on-road towing, the F-150 models are outclassed by the Chevrolet Silverado.

The two vehicles are similar in price, but the Chevy Silverado tows better, pulls with more power, and boasts a suite of safety features to make sure the job goes according to plan. That’s not to say that the Ford F-150 can’t compete, but single-issue truck buyers should consider the Silverado instead.

Is there such a thing as “too big” when it comes to pickup trucks? Many buyers would say no. And if you’re among that group, the Ford F-150 might be perfect for you. But consumers who want to get the job done without taking up the entire road might shy away from the size of some of Ford’s 2020 F-150 offerings.

For what it’s worth, Ford seems to agree. Starting with the 2021 line, they’ll be discontinuing the F-150 Raptor SuperCab. It’s possible that Ford simply went too big on some of their offerings. That suits a certain section of the marketplace, and the 2020 SuperCabs will still find good homes.

Additional F-150 complaints

Other complaints about the Ford F-150 include low payload capacity on the Limited model and dated cabin design. One particular complaint about an older model of the F-150 made its way around the internet recently – there’s just not enough wrong with it to justify buying a new one! That story is about the legendary toughness of the ’90s models, long before the Limited or Raptor SuperCab was even an option. But are the legitimate gripes about the 2020 Ford F-150 enough to knock it off its top spot among pickups?

The answer? It depends. If you’re looking for top-level towing capacity, it makes sense to go with the Chevy Silverado instead. By the same token, if you want to spend a little more than the typical Ford F-150 costs (and you’re not interested in the Raptor SuperCab), you may be able to move up to the 2020 Ram 1500 – a vehicle that even managed to win “Luxury Car of the Year” from Cars.com. If the Ford F-150’s issues (which aren’t just cosmetic) add up to too much for a buyer to accept, they could certainly invest in a Ram 1500 at a slightly higher price.

The bottom line on the 2020 Ford F-150

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The Ford F-150 has been an affordable, reliable truck for decades. Its current redesign is certainly getting a little stale, and some challengers have come on stronger than ever. But that doesn’t mean the F-150 is dead in the water.

There are other vehicles in the class that can do any specific job better, and luxury options like the Ram 1500 are available for a slightly higher cost. But the Ford F-150 is still the generalist’s car. It’s the perfect vehicle for someone who wants to perform a variety of tasks with their pickup.

The 2020 model introduced a few new flaws in a model that’s been racking them up over the past few years, but the F-150 still manages to deliver.