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The 2020 ElectraMeccanica SOLO EV is a single-seater, three-wheel car that breaks the mold for electric vehicles. This sub $20,000 vehicle has been designed for cheap, efficient city transportation. Putting a heavy emphasis on vehicle, as the SOLO is classified as an electric autocycle. Although the driving experience is a bit funky, you get the benefit of a small-frame vehicle and motorcycle insurance which is substantially cheaper. So what does the $18,500 price tag get you? Check out our review below to get the rundown.

How does the ElectraMeccanica SOLO Drive?

While its 82 horsepower doesn’t seem like much, the sub-2000 pound curb weight would beg to differ. What limits the SOLO, however, is the always active traction control. It prevents the rear wheel from breaking loose, which is smart because of the instant EV torque. However, adding the option to turn off the traction control for a bit more fun might draw more attention. 

With the low power of the SOLO, the top speed of 80MPH is barely enough to get you down the freeway comfortably. Where it really shines is the 10.0 second 0-60 and 100 miles of range, making it perfect for zipping around the city.

Is the 2020 ElectraMeccanica SOLO Safe?

2020 ElectraMeccanica SOLO Line-up
2020 ElectraMeccanica SOLO | ElectraMeccanica

Being in an enclosed vehicle, you won’t feel unsafe in the SOLO. It is relatively small, but you are still more visible on the road than a standard motorcycle. With the front half resembling a full-size car, you still have quite the presence on the road. The review video above also mentions that the SOLO draws quite a bit of attention when driving around. 

A rather odd drawback of the SOLO is that since it is classified as an electrocycle, it does not need to be crash tested. According to ElectraMeccanica, the SOLO does meet some NHTSA safety standards, but you’ll have to take their word for it. Since the SOLO isn’t a proper car, NHTSA is not going to screen the SOLO’s safety ratings independently.

Is the 2020 ElectraMeccanica SOLO worth it?

2020 ElectraMeccanica SOLO Roller
2020 ElectraMeccanica SOLO | ElectraMeccanica

According to InsideEvs, the SOLO is available at retailers in California, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon for the current market. Its current price before destination of $18,50s puts the SOLO up against a list of used electric vehicles. The SOLO only has basic amenities and no real features. Used late-model electric cars like the Kia Soul Electric, Volkswagen e-Golf, and Nissan Leaf will be cheaper, safer, more comfortable, more practical, and more efficient than the SOLO.

ElectraMeccanica is not hoping to break the consumer EV market with the SOLO. Instead, most of its focus is on selling to businesses for fleet vehicles. With food delivery and courier services in mind, the SOLO makes much more sense as a company tool than a commuter vehicle. Not to say it wouldn’t be perfect for the city, however, as the SOLO is tiny, fun, and cheap enough for someone who would otherwise take public transportation and wants the occasional vehicle.