2020 Corvette Recall? Chevy Admits C8s, Others Breaking Valve Springs

The 2020 Corvette has had a dark cloud over it. The strike in September of last year and then the pandemic fouled up assembly. Then more recently the frunk recall for the potential of hoods flying open while driving. Now there is more bad news, and it is affecting more than just C8 Corvettes. Chevy admits C8 engines along with most of its V8s that go into other vehicles are breaking valve springs.

Breaking valve springs means Chevy may have to issue another recall

Chevy may be faced with having to issue another recall. The engines that could be affected were built between June 1-September 15, 2020. So this would appear to be vehicles built after the COVID-19 shutdown. This came into focus after GM issued a technical service bulletin addressing the problem. 

People gather around to look at the new Chevy C8 Corvette
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Many of the V8 engines, not just the Corvette’s LT2, manufactured this year are seeing misfiring, unusual noises, and the dreaded check engine light popping on. Camaros, trucks, and vans-besides the Corvette, are affected. The bulletin says these issues are a “possible broken valve spring.” 

Even if a service technician finds there is no cylinder leakage “it will be necessary to replace all of the valve springs.” This covers not only the LT2 but the L87, L82, L84, L8T, LT1, and LT4. The service bulletin also requests all replaced valve springs be returned to GM “for further analysis and inspection.” 

With as many V8s as could be involved, we are not just looking at Corvettes

So with as many V8s as could be involved we are not just looking at Corvettes. The LT1 and LT4 are Camaro engines. As mentioned the LT2 is a Corvette-only engine. Chevy’s L82, L84, and L87 are all full-size truck and SUV engines. The L8T 6.6-liter V8 comes in Silverado HD, Sierra HD, Express and Savana vans. Basically, any V8 that went into a GM vehicle between June first and September 15. That is quite a large number of vehicles. 

Some Corvette forums recite owners having “P0300, P0106, and P0506” codes. These are all “misfire codes” that flash after misfiring is experienced. While full valve spring replacement is called for on some engines, the L87, LT1, LT4, and LT only require the affected valve spring to be replaced. 

There are a number of incidents happening within the first 100 miles

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Scanning the Corvette forums there are a number of breaking valve springs happening within the first 100 miles. Not a good first impression at all. And those owners who have commented about the issue in some cases are selling their new Corvette because “they don’t trust driving it.”

But let’s be real. This is a case of a bad batch of valve springs. It happens. In fact, there was another bulletin issued for 2014-2019 Corvettes with the same issue in July of this year. While it is definitely not what Chevy wants at this time it is easy to understand. And it is not endemic of the C8 Corvette in total. 

Just the same there might be some almost new 2020 Corvettes on the market soon with new valve springs.