2020 C8 Corvette Shipper Shuts Down Tracker Over Rude Calls

Hey, we get it. We surely understand that if it were us and we had ordered a 2020 C8 Corvette we’d be anxious as hell. Mainly, we’d want to know if it was going to make it before the 2020 deadline. So who do you call? One source of delivery info was the shipping company. We say “was” because the Corvette shipper just shut down its tracker over rude owner calls. 

With all of the ups and downs Corvette production has faced this year you never know when something else might shut assembly down. You know, like a sinkhole in the middle of the plant? It happened at the Corvette Museum, who says it can’t happen at the factory? So those who reserved a 2020 C8 Corvette are anxious, nervous, and apparently rude. 

Jack Cooper Transport is the Bowling Green, Kentucky, company sourced for shipping shiny new Corvettes to dealers. As a service for new owners it posted a vehicle tracking function on its website. That was a nice thing to do. But it’s gone, now.

Too many customers called to inquire about the delivery status of their Corvette

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

It seems that too many customers called to inquire about the delivery status of their Corvette. Not satisfied with what the website provided an overwhelming amount of phone calls started flooding into JC Transport. As if that wasn’t enough many were inconsiderate or downright rude. So JC pulled the plug.

As if that’s not enough, some Corvette forums claim Chevy is just about to do the same thing. It might stop posting the daily production figures. And for the same reason. The factory is getting deluged with status calls. The Bowling Green factory is not equipped to handle the volume of calls it gets daily. 

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the process isn’t like ordering a Sears washing machine. It’s not the same as a UPS tracker. We’re sure that everyone involved in Corvette production is doing the best he or she can to goose the process along. But while most of those who ordered a new Corvette should understand, it seems that some can’t contain their frustration.

So how does one get a Corvette order status update?

Credit: Chevrolet

Chevy Kills Certain 2020 Corvette Models Before Production Resumes

So how does one get an order status update? The process has made changes here and there. As of the latest info it is best to contact “Corvette Concierge.” This is a group of customer service reps in GM’s corporate offices in downtown Detroit. They’re there to help with Corvette questions. 

Answers are reviewed by product and marketing people to ensure order questions are being answered. But they also tally the types of questions and how many in each of those categories. If you have questions about your current or future Corvette you can call the Corvette Concierge at 1-866-424-3892. For Canadian orders the number is 1-800-263-3777.

If you have what is called a “code 3000” status you are probably going to receive your 2020 Corvette. If not, then you may want to call the Corvette Concierge to determine the status of your Corvette. You may be in line for a 2021 Corvette.