The 2020 BMW X5 has an Absurd Number of Recalls

The BMW X5 is one of the brand’s more popular luxury SUV options. With the newest updates, the current generation of the car looks better than ever, featuring modern touches that still reflect back on the BMW heritage with styling choices like the classic kidney bean grilles — unlike some newer BMW options that feature the more controversial beaver fang grilles. Overall, there is a lot to enjoy from the BMW X5, but it does have a truly concerning number of recalls.

How many recalls does the 2020 BMW X5 have?

For most consumers, the word recall itself is pretty intimidating. While we might overlook one or two smaller recalls, the 2020 model year of the BMW X5 currently has an absurd 8 active recalls, spanning several systems and ranging from less serious to genuinely concerning.

A BMW logo stands in front of the BMW plant in Berlin. At the end of the peace period in the metal and electrical industry, the employees have called for a warning strike
The BMW logo | Christophe Gateau/picture alliance via Getty Images

How bad are the recalls?

Of the 8 active recalls for the 2020 BMW X5, there don’t seem to be many sound complaints against the vehicle’s reliability. Some of the recalls currently in place are more minor, like the color of the headlights and incomplete view of sight with the rearview mirror. Others are more serious, affecting the car’s suspension, steering, and powertrain. As long as any active recalls are serviced as soon as possible, it won’t cost owners anything more than a small chunk of time out of their day.

A white BMW X5 parked on rocky terrain
A BMW X5 on display | BMW

Is your SUV, or potential SUV, affected?

Checking to see if your car, or a car you are looking to purchase, has active recalls is incredibly easy — and free. You can do this through the NHTSA’s recall app which can be downloaded directly onto your phone, or go directly to the manufacturer’s website. For BMW, that means the free BMW Safety and Emissions Recalls portal. All you need is the vehicle’s identification number, VIN, which can be located on the dashboard and several other locations around the car, as well as on the title and registration.

A blue BMW X5 M on display
BMW X5 M luxury performance SUV on display at Brussels Expo | Sjoerd van der Wal, Getty Images

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Regardless of these recalls, the vehicle still receives high scores from many review sites like Consumer Reports for everything it has to offer. It is important for buyers and owners to remember that not every recall for a vehicle year, make, and model applies to 100% of the vehicles that fit the description, and for the ones that do apply, the costs of the recall work are handled by the manufacturer.