2020 BMW M3: 480 or 510 hp, Optional AWD, and Manuals

BMW M boss Markus Flasch says there will be a lot more go-fast goodness from BMW’s M division starting in 2020, according to Car Magazine

The M3 will get the new 3.0-Liter twin-turbo S58 straight-six, which is the same engine you’ll get in both X3 M and X4 M models. The Competition version will get the 510-hp version, while the standard M3 will come with the 480-hp six. This sets up BMW to follow Mercedes-AMG’s two-tier engine strategy.

The S58 will feature water injection to lower combustion chamber temps, and for better emissions, a gasoline particulate filter.

All-wheel drive will be the standard drivetrain for the M3, which is an adaptation of the system found in M5s. You’ll still be able to opt for rear-wheel drive.

Flasch also mentioned that “purer” versions will be coming. Codenamed M3 and M4 Pure (of course), these no-frills variants will see 450-hp engines, a bit less than the S58 M3s. But they will only come with six-speed manual transmissions and RWD, along with a quicker electronic diff lock.

Pure variants will stand out with unique paint and wheel design, restyled front and rear aprons, and special interior fabrics and instrument graphics.

Both the M3 sedan and M4 two-door will debut at the 2019 Frankfort Motor Show in September.

From spy photos MotorBiscuit can tell you styling is more aggressive. Larger alloy wheels and brakes are clearly visible, with a slightly more exaggerated deck spoiler.

Rumors say the M3 and M4 will shed some weight from previous versions, feature reworked suspensions, stiffer chassis, and improved aero.

Later in 2021 CS and CSL versions of the M4 are slated to join the lineup. The CSL version will stand out from lesser coupes with a large rear wing, front air dam, carbon-ceramic brakes, racing seats, unique instrument display, and a rear seat delete and rollcage will be options.

More rumors posit 530 hp for the CS and 550 hp for the CSL.