2019 vs 2020 Toyota Tacoma: What’s the Difference?

2020 is a new year and that means some new trucks. The Toyota Tacoma, in particular, gets several new features as well as some overall upgrades in a couple of common problem areas. Here’s what’s new with the 2020 Tacoma, sorted by its trims.

SR & SR5 trims

The SR and the SR5 trims are some of the most common Tacoma trims, according to MotorTrend, and they’re both getting some new features. Toyota’s heard the common complaint that the Tacoma’s interior is lacking, so the interiors of these trims have been vastly upgraded.

For the SR trim, which is the most basic trim available, a 7-inch touchscreen is now standard along with intermittent wipers. Plus, support for smartphone-related features is now standard too, such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Toyota also made changes to the exterior of the SR trim, and they include a new grille design, a new taillight design, and some optional LED lights for the truck bed.

For the SR5 trim, the fabric on its interior has been improved. An 8-inch touchscreen is now also standard in this trim. In terms of its exteriors, the SR5 also gets a new grille design. The SR5 also gets some new 16-inch wheels as well as optional LED lights for its truck bed.

TRD trims

The four TRD trims that the Tacoma has also have plenty of new upgrades in the 2020 model year. In terms of its interior, the TRD Sport now has keyless entry on the passenger door as well as the driver door. The majority of the changes are to the TRD Sport’s exterior, however. The TRD Sport now has the new grille design as well as a ton of lighting upgrades. According to MotorTrend, LED fog lights are now standard on the TRD Sport, among other lighting updates. The TRD Sport also gets some new 17-inch wheels. 

The TRD Off-Road has all the standard upgrades that the TRD Sport has, but with added improvements to its off-roading capability. Features such as hill start assist and crawl control will allow the TRD Off-Road to handle many different terrains. MotorTrend also says that Toyota has improved the suspension system of the TRD Off-Road. The TRD Off-Road will also have an optional smart feature, called the Multi-Terrain Monitor. MotorTrend says that the Multi-Terrain Monitor will allow drivers to see what’s below the Tacoma while they’re driving. 

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro
2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro | Toyota

The TRD Pro is a more decked out version of the TRD, and it comes with even more standard features than before in the 2020 model year. LED headlights and fog lights are now standard on the TRD Pro, according to MotorTrend. A 10-way adjustable driver’s seat is now also standard and it should make driving in the TRD Pro even more comfortable than before. 

On top of that, the TRD Pro also gets a 360-degree exterior camera system as well as the Multi-Terrain Monitor as standard features. Other standard premium features include hill start assist, crawl control, and a premium sound system. Furthermore, the TRD Pro gets new 16-inch wheels that are about 4 pounds lighter than before, according to MotorTrend. These wheels are supported by an updated suspension system as well.

Limited trim

The Limited trim is the most pricey trim available for the Tacoma, and it gets many of the upgrades and updates that the other trims got. For example, the Limited trim now comes standard with LED headlights as well as the 360-degree exterior camera system that the TRD Pro gets. In terms of its exterior, the Limited trim will also come with new 18-inch wheels