2019 Honda Pilot: Strong, Efficient, and Roomy

As midsize SUVs become more glam and luxury-focused, the Honda Pilot still shines for its practicality. Honda’s Pilot offers plenty of passing power and one of the most family-friendly interiors in the class. If you’re interested in scoring a deal on some of the Pilot’s most modern features, you’ll want to consider the 2019 model year. 

2019 Honda Pilot performance 

As you do your research on the 2019 Honda Pilot, you’ll see that power is one of the SUV’s main highlights. This Honda is standard with a 280-hp 3.5-liter V6 linked to a six-speed automatic transmission. As Consumer Reports highlights, the upper-level Touring and Elite models will have a nine-speed automatic. CR went as far as to say that you might be better off by sticking with the lower trims since the six-speed provides a smoother driving experience. 

Overall, the Pilot is an energetic ride and well-balanced. It absorbs road imperfections with ease, and it can tow up to 5,000 pounds. Although, one of the main drawbacks of the Pilot’s performance is its fuel economy. According to CR’s member data, the Pilot has a real-world fuel economy rating of a combined 20 mpg. That’s below average for the midsize SUV class. Additionally, CR noted that the Pilot disappoints with its handling. 

“When it comes to handling, this SUV has no connection with the nimble Hondas of the past. The Pilot’s cumbersome cornering makes it feel reluctant to turn, and the vague steering chips away at drivers’ confidence. Nobody expects sports car handling from an SUV, but the Pilot falls short compared to more agile competitors. Plus, the Pilot’s mediocre braking on wet pavement trails most peers as well. “

Consumer Reports (2019)

On the inside 

The front view of the Pilot''s three-row seats.
Honda Pilot interior | Honda

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In its standard configuration, the Pilot can seat up to eight people across its three rows. Models with the captain’s chair seats will accommodate seven people. The Pilot gets credit for having an exceptionally comfortable cabin and generous legroom. Even the third-row is decent for taller passengers. Additionally, the Pilot is above-average for cargo room with 83.9 cubic feet of total cargo room.

Like CR says, the Pilot’s cabin imitates a minivan in a praisable way. Base models will have Honda’s cloth upholstery that owners say is easy to clean. The upper-level models will have more frills, including leather, heated and cooled seats, and tri-zone automatic climate control. 

Standard infotainment features for the 2019 Pilot include a 5-inch display and Bluetooth. Versions with the upgraded infotainment system will have an 8-inch touchscreen, Apple CaPlay, Android Auto, and a wifi hotspot. While the upgraded system has more features, its interface isn’t as user-friendly as the standard one.

Overall reliability 

2019 Honda Pilot Elite
2019 Honda Pilot Elite | Honda

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Honda’s Pilot has proved to be one of the most reliable vehicles that can last 200,000 miles or more. The 2019 Pilot earned excellent safety scores, and an average predicted reliability rating from CR. At the time of this writing, there are five NHTSA recalls on the 2019 Pilot. 

The recalls relate to its body structure, engine, and electrical system. These impacted only a select number of models, but check if the vehicle you’re considering was a part of the few. The average price for the 2019 Pilot falls between $26,200 – $39,225.