The 2019 Ford Expedition Has Some Seriously Impressive Scores From Consumer Reports

The Ford Expedition has been one of the Blue Oval’s best-selling and most popular large SUVs for years. Boasting affordability, size, and more, it offers plenty for buyers. Even experts have a hard time finding fault with this full-size SUV.

But the redesigned 2019 Ford Expedition, in particular, has earned shockingly impressive scores. They indicate it’s one of the best choices for any shopper looking for a used large SUV.

The 2019 Ford Expedition is an owner favorite 

The 2019 Ford Expedition isn’t the newest model in the lineup, but according to Consumer Reports ratings and review of the 2019 model, it’s still pretty impressive. Its reliability and customer satisfaction rating are arguably the most impressive, with the Expedition earning perfect scores of 5/5 in both categories. 

Perfect scores in these categories within the large SUV segment are almost unheard of. But according to Consumer Reports‘ analysis of overall owner satisfaction, 82 percent of 2019 Ford Expedition owners say they would absolutely buy the vehicle again if given the chance. This satisfaction percentage is the highest in the segment. Owners enjoy the Expedition’s driving experience and comfort the most.

The SUV’s reliability rating is also high, unsurprising given the high percentage of satisfied owners. According to Consumer Reports, the 2019 Ford Expedition’s perfect reliability score is highest among all 2019 large SUVs. This model year shows fewer problems than average. Though the most common trouble spots include in-car electronics and minor transmission problems, the 2019 Expedition boasts better reliability in most categories than any other model year. 

Other areas where the 2019 Ford Expedition excels

The Ford Expedition isn’t just reliable. It also scores highly in many other areas. Consumer Reports awarded the 2019 Ford Expedition perfect 5/5 scores in rear-seat comfort, usability, truck/cargo area, and climate system. It earned a good score of 4/5 in most other major categories, including acceleration, transmission, noise, driving position, front-seat comfort, front/rear-access, and interior fit and finishes. 

As for the road test, CR’s experts list acceleration, interior room, quietness, and easy controls as a few of the 2019 Ford Expedition’s best qualities. They say this model “makes a leap forward with this redesign, shedding weight while adding comfort, convenience, and optional safety features.” The Expedition also packs plenty of power under the hood, helping it achieve class-leading towing and hauling capacities. Available in three trim levels, the 2019 Ford Expedition also offers choices in powertrain, technology, and even wheelbase length.

What you’ll pay for a used 2019 model and if it’s worth the buy


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Though the 2019 Ford Expedition is clearly working out well for owners so far, that doesn’t mean it isn’t without faults. But its biggest problems aren’t anything you wouldn’t expect from a large SUV. Consumer Reports lists the ride quality, access, and fuel economy as the Expedition’s biggest drawbacks, but most owners think these are fair tradeoffs for the size and power a large SUV offers. 

The Expedition earned the lowest score in fuel economy, with a 1/5 rating. CR’s experts got around 23 mpg on the highway but only 11 mpg in the city. Routine and emergency handling categories, along with third-row access, got only a 2/5 score. But according to Consumer Reports, the average retail price for the 2019 Ford Expedition starts around $36,000. That’s reasonable for a late-model full-size SUV that should continue to perform for years to come.