2019 Buick Regal Continues Sedan Sales Slide

The continuing crossover/SUV zeitgeist expands unabated, with still more casualties along the way. Buick Regal is the latest to show signs that the sedan apocalypse is inflating. Regal sales decreased by 34% in 2019 Q2 compared to 2018 Q2. Total sales in 2019 through July are 6,393.

The competition

The Acura TLX, Regal’s direct competitor in the sport-luxury sedan category, increased its segment share to 48%, up from Q2 2018. However, to further hammer home the sedan dilemma TLX sales were down 23% from Q2 2018. Kia Stinger, also a segment competitor, saw its sales drop similarly, with a segment decline of 25% so far this year. Not good!

The Buick Regal is manufactured by France’s PSA Group in Russelsheim, Germany, alongside the Buick TourX wagon, Holden ZB Commodore, and Opel Insignia. PSA purchased Opel From GM, and the Regal is based on the Insignia.

Turbo-four or V6 power

Regals are powered by a 250 hp 2.0-liter turbo-four or 310 hp V6. You can get a Regal in standard front-drive or all-wheel drive with the turbo engine. A nine-speed automatic backs the V6.

With hatchback styling, reviews claim segment-leading cargo space and accessibility. That’s about where the plusses end. Multiple reviews indicate a vehicle that doesn’t excel in any metric, especially for the sedan. The TourX wagon has garnered good comments for its “shooting brake” styling and overall roominess.

We would suspect that the further GM is removed from the Opel assets it sold to PSA, will make it easier to drop Opel-based models like the Regal. The sliding sales Regal is experiencing will hasten that break.