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2018 Toyota Tacoma drivers have been affected by faulty fuel pumps for 3 years. Recalls initiated in January 2020 remain ongoing. Many 2018 Toyota Tacomas will not be repaired until late March 2021.

Nearly 2 million Toyota and Lexus models are affected

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Toyota first issued this recall on January 13, 2020. Initially, 564,300 vehicles were subject. The automaker has since expanded the recall 3 times. The defect is present in nearly three million vehicles.

This sweeping recall includes more than 30 models. Toyota identified the affected vehicles in waves. As of the latest recall notice from the NHTSA, 1.8 million vehicles produced between 2013 and 2019 are currently subject to this recall. 13 phases of repairs run into April 2021.

According to data on Toyota’s website, the recall includes Tacomas released between 2017-2020. Toyota manufactured the pickups between Early September 2017 and Mid-September 2019. The 2018 Toyota Tacoma represents a large portion of those trucks. Initially, Toyota estimated repairs would be complete by September 2020.

Dangerous fuel pump impeller issues put drivers at risk

A technician assembles a centrifugal pump impeller on a work bench
A centrifugal pump impeller | Cyril Marcilhacy/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Faulty fuel pumps are the cause of this massive recall. Defective impellers within the pumps cause failures. The malformed impellers can cause vehicles to stall out at higher speeds. Affected vehicles often fail to restart, leaving drivers stranded.

Many Tacoma drivers filed NHTSA complaints about the dangerous issue. Stalling at highway speeds is a massive collision risk that could potentially lead to serious, multiple-car incidents. Consumers feel Toyota has not addressed the issue in a reasonable amount of time.

2018 Tacoma repairs to be completed March 2021

Repairs for 2018 Tacoma owners have been a long time coming. Toyota will repair more than 130,000 Phase 6 vehicles by late March 2021. Meanwhile, others will have to wait until the end of April. As a result, many owners have expressed frustration at the delay in remediation. Moreover, many drivers filed a class-action lawsuit against the automaker. In short, the repair delays have caused a loss of trust in the Toyota brand.

What should 2018 Toyota Tacoma drivers do if they suspect their truck may be affected? 

Close up of a Toyota logo on the bumper of a grey vehicle. Out of focus, in the background, is a Toyota dealership sign
Toyota logo | Ramin Talaie via Getty Images

Why are 2016 – 2018 Toyota Tacoma Models so Unreliable?

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To check a specific VIN against this recall, visit or Subsequently, Drivers subject to this recall should contact the Toyota Brand Engagement Center at 1-888-270-9371 and reference recall number 20tb02 for the latest updates and information. Most importantly, A licensed Toyota dealership should repair affected vehicles. Toyota estimates the repairs will take approximately 2 hours for Tacoma drivers.