2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Has Frustrating Radio Issues

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a dubious record with some consumers. It’s been the subject of multiple recalls and NHTSA consumer complaints. Jeep Grand Cherokee owners should be on the lookout for these common issues with the 2018’s radio and infotainment system.

NHTSA consumer complaints document multiple infotainment issues

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s infotainment system has caused drivers several headaches from minor annoyances to genuine safety issues. Drivers filed several NHTSA consumer complaints detailing issues with accessing infotainment controls.

Air conditioning and heating systems reportedly engaged without operator control and could not be turned off. Jeep customers reported infotainment systems overheating, rendering many electrical functions inaccessible. Faulty infotainment systems would attempt a reboot cycle until the vehicle’s battery was completely discharged. Some complaints report that the issue persisted after the infotainment system had been replaced. 

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee FM radios have a mind of their own

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FM radios are a significant pain point for 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners. Consumers claim their radios turn on and off on their own. Volume controls and radio tuning also behave independently. This annoying issue could potentially be distracting for drivers causing concerns for road safety.

Moreover, FM signal would come and go intermittently in certain Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles. Drivers may rely on that signal to keep up with important weather and traffic advisories. A malfunctioning radio puts drivers at risk of missing out on critical updates.

Jeep drivers have not been silent on these issues. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has taken more than 180 complaints about the SUV. Despite these issues, the Jeep Grand Cherokee remains popular among used pickup buyers.

Continuous lockouts inconvenience drivers

A primary complaint many drivers voiced to the NHTSA pertains to the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee infotainment system’s lockout feature. Loose wiring or faulty fuses fail, triggering the infotainment system to lock drivers out until a reset code is entered.

Some have reported that the system continuously cycles through reset phases. Jeep customers were unable to stop the continuous resetting. Affected systems cycled through factory reset protocols discharging the SUVs’ batteries. This is a frustrating issue that could leave drivers stranded.

How can 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee drivers resolve radio issues?

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Jeep Cherokees Recalled Over Slipping Transmissions, Software Issues

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Anyone experiencing these frustrating and sometimes dangerous issues deserves a resolution. There are currently no recalls due to manufacturer errors that pertain to 2018’s infotainment system. The cost of repairs does not fall under an active recall. Jeep recommends affected drivers have their Grand Cherokees inspected.

A licensed Jeep dealership can examine and repair any loose wires that frequently cause resetting issues. Firmware updates can be helpful for infotainment system issues. The Jeep’s touchscreen controls several vital systems such as climate control and navigation. Malfunctions can lead to more than just inconvenience.

Consequently, Keeping every system up to date is vital to driver and passenger safety. 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee drivers should contact their local dealership if any issues with infotainment systems or FM radios arise.