2018 Honda Accord Owners Have Complained About a Steering Wheel Problem

Consumers and experts alike frequently praise the Honda Accord for its reliability. So whether you’re in the market for a used or new car, this midsize sedan from a trusted brand is usually a safe bet. Still, throughout its long life — over 12 generations in fact — the line has inevitably run into some bumps in the road.

And unfortunately for some owners of the 2018 Honda Accord, those problems came much sooner than they would’ve liked. 

The 2018 Honda Accord carries much of this sedan’s classic appeal

For longtime Honda Accord fans, the 2018 model seemed promising. The vehicle came equipped with the most safety and technology equipment yet, Autoevolution reported. The upgrades significantly elevated the 11th generation and ensured the Accord remained competitive in the rapidly evolving industry. 

But beyond those changes, the 2018 model stayed true to all of the features that loyal Honda drivers had come to love. The model came standard with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine producing 192 hp. As with previous models, MotorTrend praised its spacious trunk and luxurious interior. It seemed to live up to the standards of its award-winning predecessors, for the most part. 

But the 2018 Honda Accord also drew some complaints

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Honda has been producing the Accord since 1976. Car and Driver reports over 13 million units sold since its inception. But this incredible legacy has, unsurprisingly, not been without its scandals. Unfortunately for 2018 Accord owners, the problems seemed to pile up early. Perhaps as an act of youthful rebellion, many cars began giving owners trouble with just a few thousand miles on the odometer. 

At first, the complaints were just weird. Some owners reported their Honda Accord windshields spontaneously cracked — an unusual predicament that, at the very least, had a clear fix. But as time wore on, many owners took to CarComplaints.com to share a more mysterious and frustrating problem. According to commenters, the car’s steering was jerky and prone to sticking. John C. echoed many owners’ experiences: The wheel would “‘snag’ or ‘catch’ or ‘bind’ at dead center position and take a significant force to overcome.”

Not only did this make steering exhausting for drivers on longer trips, but it also would frequently result in overcorrections and potentially dangerous conditions. With no clear solution and CarComplaints.com assigning the problem a 7.6/10 score for severity, it’s no wonder some drivers now want to steer clear of this model. 

Things are looking up for the latest release

Between the 2018 Honda Accord’s woes and the 2020 model’s infamous braking problems, it would be easy to proclaim the iconic brand is going downhill. However, on the contrary, Honda seems to be determined to keep the legacy alive. The 2020 Accord marked the beginning of the latest generation, featuring a complex redesign that inevitably came with some glitches. Many observers looked to the 2021 release to see how Honda would adapt, and thus far, fans aren’t disappointed

With the 2021 Honda Accord, drivers can expect similar specs but better style. More technology than ever before comes standard, making this model a fierce competitor in its class. The automaker’s commitment to its long-standing midsize sedan and its reputation as a safe family car means many consumers are willing to overlook some past problems. Although steering issues are nothing to dismiss, it seems the Accord is still here to stay.