The 2015 Honda Fit Steals the Show as the Best Used Subcompact Car Under $10,000

The subcompact car segment is wildly popular in Japan, where parking is often at a premium and Kei cars are king. However, that isn’t true for much of the U.S. That said, there’s still places where compacts like the 2015 Honda Fit can shine. Moreover, those places grow larger every day.

Edmunds were fans of the 2015 Honda Fit, including this 2017 M.Y variant | Edmunds

Take, for example, cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver. Each city has grown massively over the last 15 or so years, creating more, well, more. The Fit is a subcompact car that excels at doing more with less, making it a perfect and cheap solution to crowded city streets.

Is the Honda Fit a good car?

A yellow 2015 Honda Fit subcompact car shot in profile at an auto show
The 2015 Honda Fit sure wins on looks | Steve Russell via Getty Images

Honestly, it’s the subcompact car architecture that makes the 2015 Honda Fit so great for urban environments. Generally, cars like this almost always end in a hatchback design, like the Toyota Yaris. It’s just the most efficient use of space. The Fit is no exception to that. In fact, you can fold the seats down flat, or lift them up against the front seats to maximize that floor space.

I can’t speak for the Fit, but similar systems, like those in 4th-Gen Toyota 4Runners, work phenomenally. Obviously, visibility is a good thing anywhere, but especially in the Fit’s home city turf. Again, that subcompact car hatchback layout means you can see right out the front and onto the road. It’s like driving a bus, only 100% smaller and more maneuverable.

$10,000 is a bargain for a Honda subcompact car

The interior of the 2015 Honda Fit with a conventional layout featuring the infotainment and climate control settings in the middle of the car
Unfortunately, the Fit lacks a physical volume knob | Honda

Obviously, for $10,000, you’ll be missing some creature comforts. Honda was really anti-volume knob six years ago. Happily, they’ve changed their ways, but the 2015 Honda Fit has to make do without one. Instead, it’s all handled on that now-outdated touch screen. And, of course, the interior is going to feel a little cheap. After all, you’re spending $10,000 on a car, not $100,000.

Push-button start is nice, I guess. Honestly, the Fit is an A-to-B machine. It’s built to get you there as fast as possible while using little gas and be small enough to park when you get there. At that, the Fit excels. The motor is small, making only 130 hp (per KBB), but you’ll barely use that in the city anyways. As long as it does the speed limit, who cares?

Honda excels at making small cars

A red 2015 Honda Fit shot on a long exposure setting at night, making the traffic behind blur
It’s hard to mess up the hatchback design | Honda

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The 2015 Honda Fit really is a summation of all the things Honda does well. The interior is good enough. So are the ergonomics. But, the Fit will run forever, it’ll use almost no gas, and you can put…. some things in it. For a subcompact car, what more do you need? The Fit truly adheres to the “less is more” philosophy, and it’s better for it. Your wallet will be better for it too, should you end up buying one.