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Anyone shopping for a used car knows what a nightmare that can be. It can feel as if you’re trying to read between the lines of a CarFax report to see if the car is a dud or if you have found a reliable vehicle. Then there are the used car salesmen who just want to get rid of the car and will say anything to seal the deal.

Thankfully, Consumer Reports makes navigating the world of used vehicles a lot easier. One of the used cars the review site recommends is the 2012 Honda Civic. Even though there are millions of used cars on the market, the 2012 Civic earned one of Consumer Reports most coveted recommendations, and here’s why.

Why Consumer Reports recommends the 2012 Honda Civic

One of the biggest factors people look for when deciding to buy a car is fuel economy, and critics are no different. That’s probably why Consumer Reports recommend the 2012 Honda Civic. 

According to Consumer Reports,

“Expect the EX model to return 29 mpg in mixed driving on regular fuel — highway fuel economy is an impressive 43 mpg. The LX got 30 mpg overall and 46 on the highway. The HF version returned 33 mpg overall, aided by low-rolling resistance tires and aerodynamic aids like flush-faced alloy wheels and a decklid spoiler. The hybrid model gets an excellent 40 mpg overall — and an impressive 50 mpg on the highway.”

It’s rare to see a vehicle that gets over 40 mpg, and even rarer to see 50 mpg. For those who are conscious of their ecological footprint, this is a dream come true. For others who just want to save money at the pump, it’s even better. 

Another factor that impressed Consumer Reports was the way the 2012 Civic handled in emergency situations. The drive wasn’t incredible, but it was more than adequate for someone who needs to react quickly.

All was not perfect with the 2012 Honda Civic, however. Consumer Reports was less than impressed with the bumpy ride, the uncomfortable seating, and the lack of visibility while driving. 

What other critics have to say

U.S. News ranked the 2012 Honda Civic as number 1 in the Compact Cars category. Contrary to Consumer Reports, U.S. News believes that the Civic had a smooth, comfortable ride. It was also blown away by the great safety scores.

Kelley Blue Book was also highly impressed with the 2012 Honda Civic, and has only one major warning. Most consumers complain the most about the uncomfortable seats. It’s not that big of a deal for daily driving but becomes very noticeable on long road trips.

Motor Trend was very pleased with the Civic’s range of options. Potential owners can choose between a sedan, coupe, or hatchback model. As we already mentioned, the hybrid model is also available and offers better gas mileage than many brand new vehicles. 

How much does a 2012 Honda Civic cost?


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The 2012 Honda Civic costs anywhere from $4,400 – $9,300 depending on what sort of condition it’s in. It’s highly recommended to get it checked out by a reliable mechanic before purchasing a used car.

Another factor that may impact the cost is three recalls on the 2012 Civic. The first has to do with the steering column. Consumer Reports states, “The steering column may not have proper energy absorbing characteristics, which could increase the risk of injury during a vehicle crash.”

The power train is the second recall. The 2012 Honda Civic could potentially roll away if the parking brake is not set. The third revolves around the hoses in the fuel system. The fuel could potentially leak, causing a fire if ignited.

If you are looking at a 2012 Honda Civic, make sure that these three recalls have been addressed. Otherwise, the 2012 Civic is a great used car that should last you for years to come.