2,012 HP Japanese Electric Hypercar Aspark Owl Opens North American Sales

If you believe what websites say, then “ the fastest full-electric hypercar in the world” just landed in the United States. It came from a company founded in Japan back in 2005, called Aspark. Never heard of them? 

Who is Aspark?

A driver's side profile view of the Aspark Owl in silver on the track.
Aspark Owl hypercar | Aspark

In recent years there have been many upstart companies that were vocal about bringing a hypercar to market. A few actually have. Others have never manifested, subject to vaporware promises and not enough funding. So, anyone can be forgiven for not remembering a company that made promises of otherworldly horsepower numbers from an unrecognized name. 

Aspark, however, is a legitimate company from Japan. They even had a display booth at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. Established in 2005, they set out to support the automotive industry and the electronic and industrial sector with engineering and medical services. Somewhere along the way, the company decided to try its hand at manufacturing a car from start to finish as well. So, with some help from their Turin, Italy production facility, the Owl full-electric hypercar was born.

Aspark proudly states on their website that “All major tests related to performance, safety, and durability were completed successfully and now the Owl can be seen running on the road.” 50 reservation slots are open for anybody willing to pay up. According to our friends at Motor1, 20 reservation slots are open for Europe, 20 for the Middle-East, and another 10 are for North America. 

Power for the hypercar

Aspark Owl hypercar | Aspark

The Aspark Owl has four electric motors yielding 2,012 horsepower. The company says that horsepower is good to motivate the car to 400 km/h (248 mph). The 0-60 sprint happens in just 1.69 seconds. Yeah, you read the right, 1.69 seconds! The Owl manages up to a reasonable 450 km (279 miles) on a full charge. 

The Owl hypercar had a base price starting at 2,900,000 Euros (approximately $3,500,000 US dollars at today’s exchange rate). But, base price is the operative phrase here because the car is fully customizable. That’s code for, anything can be done for the right price to suit the buyer’s wants and needs. Motor1 says the car is now officially for sale in North America.

The hypercar’s design

Aspark Owl hypercar in bare carbon fiber | Aspark
Aspark Owl hypercar in bare carbon fiber | Aspark

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The car is both swoopy and angular. The hood fold lines have shades of the old two-seat Cadillac XLR’s angular hood. The rounded front and rear fenders have shades of the new DeTomaso P72. Not to be forgotten is the hypercar’s height and doors. The roof is only 99 cm high (38.9 inches). And the doors… they swing up. Of course, carbon fiber is a big part of the build for the Owl to keep weight down. Overall, the design language comes together in a nice cohesive and possibly menacing package. 

It is an extraordinary accomplishment to create a hypercar today. It is even more astonishing that the hypercar is not a one-off concept car. A real production run seems to be happening. So, a hat tip of respect is sent toward Aspark for their achievement. As for the astounding horsepower and 0-60 times, a review by a respected automotive source is sure to come sooner or later. Aspark, might I suggest using MotorBiscuit for such testing?