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Finding a good deal on a used luxury car can be difficult. With supply shortages likely to continue, used car prices are at near-record highs. To help find great used luxury midsize cars for 2022, U.S. News compiled a list of the best choices with a budget cap of $20,000. One of the top-rated cars on the list is the 2010 Audi A6, making it a great choice in the used luxury market.

2010 Audi A6 specs

An Audi logo on a grey car.
An Audi logo on a grey car | Getty Images

The 2010 Audi A6 was the second-to-last model year for the Audi A6’s third generation. The base Premium trim comes with a 3.2-liter V6 engine producing 265 hp and 243 lb-ft of torque. U.S. News notes for the time that it was down compared to rival luxury sedans. 

There are two other trims available for the 2010 model year. The all-wheel drive Premium Quattro comes with a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 producing 300 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. The top trim, the Prestige Quattro, comes with all-wheel drive with a 4.2-liter V8 generating 350 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque.

U.S. News reviewers note the more powerful engines paired with the all-wheel drive system is one of the best driving experiences of the luxury midsize class. The Premium Quattro gets the best fuel economy of all the trims at 22 mpg combined. 

Additionally, with 15.9 cu-ft of cargo space, the 2010 Audi A6 outdoes competitors like the BMW 5 Series at 14.0 cu-ft and equals the Mercedes-Benz E-Class of that model year.    

2010 Audi A6 features and safety

All 2010 Audi A6 models come standard with a 10-speaker stereo system, Bluetooth connectivity, a leather interior, rain-sensing windshield wipers, power front seats, and a sunroof. All used Audi A6 models from 2010 also come with the car brand’s Multi-Media Interface (MMI) system. U.S. News notes this system can be confusing, but the interior is still high-quality in materials and finish.

The second row of seats can easily fit two or three passengers in comfortable seats. Reviewers give credit to the highly-adjustable driver’s seat as well.

The 2010 Audi A6 gets great marks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in multiple crash tests. It was graded “good” in three primary crash tests the IIHS performed: moderate overlap front, side-impact test, and rear crash protection. The fourth primary test, roof strength, saw the IIHS give the 2010 Audi A6 an “acceptable” grade. This puts it among the safest used luxury cars from the 2010 model year.

Is the 2010 Audi A6 reliable?

Overall for Audi A6 models, RepairPal gives the model a 3.5 out of 5 stars. That’s good enough for 8th out of the 30 luxury full-size cars. However, ownership costs are high, with RepairPal estimating annual costs for repairs at $913. 

That’s lower than the average for full-size luxury cars at $976 but higher than the average car at $652 annually. Audi A6 models are less likely to need to go to repair shops, with an average of 0.3 trips per year. That’s lower than the full-size and all vehicle average of 0.8 and 0.4, respectively.

The 2010 Audi A6 is a good model year for the used luxury car. Car Complaints’ data shows the 2004 model year as the worst for the Audi A6, but 2010 sees just two common complaints: electrical problems and engine problems.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued three recalls for the 2010 Audi A6. All three were related to the passenger front airbag. The NHTSA states, “an inflator rupture may result in metal fragments striking the vehicle occupants resulting in serious injury or death.” One recall was issued in 2016, and the other two were in 2018.

Is buying a used Audi A6 worth it?

U.S. News rates the Audi A6 second in luxury midsize cars with a near-perfect score from 2010 behind the Lexus ES. The base Audi A6 trim is placed at a lower price, representing an excellent value for a used luxury car. It’s rated well above the 2010 E-Class and 5-Series. Reviewers note the 5-Series was slightly more exciting to drive but not as safe as the Audi A6. They also state the E-Class has a nicer cabin but has fewer standard features and lower safety scores compared to the Audi A6.

Out of the 105 cars, U.S. News ranked it as one of the best luxury midsize cars under $20,000. The 2010 Audi A6 tied for fourth with the 2012 E-Class, 2011 and 2009 ES, and 2009 Acura TL. With the great driving characteristics, safety, reliability, and options for powerful engines, the Audi A6 is an excellent option for a used luxury car. It’s priced similarly to some of the best-used E-Class and ES models.


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