The 2007 Toyota Tacoma Receives High Consumer Reports Ratings Despite Rocky History

The 2007 Toyota Tacoma has a history of serious safety recalls and consumer complaints. Despite these issues, the popular pickup still receives a Consumer Reports recommendation. Owners of this Tacoma should research their VIN and pursue repairs.

2007 Toyota Tacoma has a record of manufacturing mistakes,  recalls, and consumer complaints

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According to Consumer Reports, there are 10 active recalls of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma. Issues range from minor inconveniences to major safety concerns. More than 500 NHTSA Consumer Complaints have been filed regarding this Tacoma. Drivers’ experiences are not reflected in Tacoma’s high safety ratings. 

Consumers expect automakers to prioritize safety in vehicles. Many Tacoma issues addressed by recalls are directly related to passenger safety. Consumers need to look beyond overall safety ratings and consider recalls and complaints that may paint a clearer picture of a vehicle’s performance.

Fire hazards abound amid Tacoma customer complaints

The 2007 Toyota Tacoma is subject to recalls surrounding passenger safety. Among them are multiple fire risks. Faulty copper coils in models with heated seats could cause a fire when overheated.

Another wiring issue involving the seats could cause potential fires in the Tacoma as well. Leaf springs prone to failure increase the risk of fuel tank puncture. Any fuel leak near a source of ignition is an immediate risk of fire. In short, Tacoma drivers should pay special attention to their fuel systems and watch for any signs of wiring issues.

Multiple collision safely recalls affect the Tacoma

Red Toyota logo on the exterior of a white building
Toyota logo |Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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Vehicles subject to recalls were equipped with seatbelt tensioner screws that could potentially come loose. Repeated forceful closure of the access doors can work the screws loose from the tensioner. The Tacoma’s driver-side airbags can be rendered inoperable from normal operating conditions. Over time, vibrations in the steering wheel can cause damage to the mechanism that powers the SRS. 

On June 15th, 2009, Toyota announced a Tacoma recall regarding incorrect labeling. The trucks failed to meet standards for load capacity warnings. These standards exist to prevent accidental overloading. Improper labeling of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma is a safety concern as overloaded pickups are at an increased risk of crash.

Mechanical failures can lead to deadly incidents

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Chrome Toyota emblem| Philip Fong/AFP via Getty Images

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A dangerous accelerator pedal situation crops up in some of these best-selling Tacoma trucks. Ill-fitting driver’s side floor mats interfere with the accelerator pedal’s ability to rise after the driver releases pressure. This leaves the accelerator stuck wide open. This dangerous scenario can lead to high-speed collisions and serious personal injury.

A fault in the rear propeller shaft’s casting in some models is a serious crash hazard. The shaft can break, causing it to fall to the road beneath the truck. Broken rear propeller shafts reportedly caused affected Tacomas to flip into the air as they catch on the pavement. This is one of several Tacoma safety issues that could potentially impact many drivers during an incident. 

What should 2007 Toyota Tacoma owners do?

A VIN search with Toyota confirms a vehicle’s inclusion in an active recall. Owners of subjected vehicles should contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 and reference recall number 16V396000. Licensed Toyota dealerships should complete all repairs related to recalls.