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Some trucks have been on the market for a long time, like the Ford F-150. Even though most years of the F-150 have been pretty solid, there are a few weak spots in this pickup truck’s long history. The 2004 Ford F-150 has one major issue that owners complain about the most, and it can snowball into a bigger problem quickly.

What are the most common 2004 Ford F-150 problems?

On the Car Complaints listing for the 2004 Ford F-150, more than 3,000 complaints from owners have been lodged. The most common complaint or issue relates to the windows and windshields. Many drivers complain that the windows will not roll up, which has led to other problems.

There are more than 600 complaints that the windows stop rolling up on the 2004 F-150. The average mileage for this is 65,000 miles, and the typical repair cost is $320. Some folks said the window regulator needed to be replaced, but this can be costly and time-consuming.

The window issue can be annoying because it can require other expensive repairs down the line. Moisture inside the cabin can lead to mold or other concerns. Rain inside the cabin during the rainy season can also lead to the electronics shorting out or prematurely needing replacement. Even though the window regulator going out seems minor, it can quickly turn into something bigger.

The 2004 Ford F-150 has many recalls, but no fix for the windows

The first 2004 Ford F-150 rolling off the assembly line
The first 2004 Ford F-150 | Mike Heffner/Getty Images

This issue doesn’t just happen with the front windows, either. Some people have reported that the back window regulator also goes out, which can leave the cab open from the back. It was reported that this window could leak during heavy rain too.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has another 2,000 complaints, many of which relate to the windows, airbags, and electrical systems. Some drivers complained that the airbags have gone off without warning, while others said the airbag light is on and won’t go off.

The NHTSA has 16 different recalls listed for the 2004 Ford F-150, which covers many topics. Airbag deployment, headlamp updates, and insufficient lighting have multiple recalls. It doesn’t appear any of the recalls address the window issue. The good news is that there are many resources out there to fix the window problem.

How to fix the window regulator or motor

Blue Oval Tech has all the information needed to fix or replace the window motor on the 2004 Ford F-150. You’ll need some socket wrenches, sockets, a three-inch extension, and a flat head and Phillips head screwdriver. A trim removal tool is helpful; torx bits will help get the window motor off. The guide says this repair could take two hours, but that might not always e the case. More mechanically inclined folks might have an easier time.

Even though there are a lot of steps, the repair seems pretty straightforward. If you plan on keeping the truck on the road until the wheels fall off, you might need to do this repair at some point. After all, it is one of the most reliable trucks on the market. Replacing that window motor and keep on trucking along.


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