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A red and white Honda motorcycle logo on a black background.

2022 Honda CBR250RR Debuts a New Color

The Honda CBR250RR motorcycle is replacing the bold red color palette of 2021 with a new color scheme that has critics raving. While the features of this year's model are similar to the 2021 model, the new splash of color creates an aggressive racing style appearance that is undeniably extraordinary.
A BMW R 18 1800cc motorcycle on display at the Beijing Auto Show in September 2020

What Does CC Mean in a Motorcycle?

There's much more to motorcycle engines than cc's. Weight, horsepower, torque, and power-to-weight ratio are the more important influences on a motorcycle's performance. Here's why.
A 2022 Honda Grom in Candy Blue in front of a white background.

2022 Honda Grom Gets an Upgrade Without a Price Increase

Honda's Grom has always been pretty impressive for a smaller-sized bike. It has just about anything a newbie rider could want and more. With the introduction of the newest model, will that change? Let's take a closer look at the new 2022 Honda Grom to see if it's worth it.
Fonzie on his motorcycle in 'Happy Days' in July 1975: Actors Ron Howard, Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Henry Winkler, Erin Moran, and Donny Most

Fonz’s ‘Happy Days’ Bike Sold at Auction for $230,000

Fans of ’70s TV will remember the hit show Happy Days. Everyone’s favorite cool biker was known for his leather jacket, “aaayyy” catchphrase, signature thumbs-up, and motorcycle. Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli — aka Fonzie or the Fonz — was one of the most merchandised characters of the time. Recently, Fonzie’s 1949 Happy Days motorcycle sold at …