Only 2 Sedans Make Consumer Reports’ List of the Best Road Trip Cars of 2022

When you think of road trips, you probably envision piling into an SUV or minivan. But in a recent roundup of the best road trip cars, Consumer Reports includes two sedans. Here’s a look at the full list and why the 2022 Honda Accord and 2022 Tesla Model 3 are the only sedans to make the cut.

Consumer Reports’ best road trip cars of 2022

Consumer Reports 2022 road trip cars sedans
2022 Honda Accord and 2022 Tesla Model 3 | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.; George Rose/Getty Images

Consumer Reports‘ “Best Cars for Your Road Trip” is organized according to how many passengers can travel comfortably. The categories are “Room for One (or Two),” “Three’s Comfortable,” and “For the Whole Family.”

The list features the overall scores that Consumer Reports gives each vehicle and some key features of each, such as price range and fuel economy. 

Additionally, it also gives a short synopsis of the reasons why CR’s testers chose those vehicles for this list. The roundup also includes the vehicle’s ranking based on the scores that Consumer Reports gives them on factors such as reliability, predicted owner satisfaction, and eco-friendliness.

Consumer Reports considers the 2022 Hyundai Tucson compact SUV and 2022 Lexus RX midsize luxury SUV the best road trip cars for three riders. And the Toyota Highlander Hybrid midsize SUV and Toyota Sienna minivan are ideal for the whole family.

But if you’re traveling alone or with one other person, the Honda Accord and Tesla Model 3 are tops among four-door sedans. Here’s a closer look:

The 2022 Honda Accord is a great road trip car for 1 or 2 people

Consumer Reports ranks the 2022 Honda Accord at the top of midsize cars. Its overall score is very high, and it performed well on CR’s road test. Despite being one of the fastest cars in its class, the Accord achieves excellent fuel economy. Getting an EPA-estimated 31 mpg combined, this midsize sedan checks the box for excellent gas mileage. But it doesn’t skimp on power: The sport 4-cylinder CVT model produces 192 hp.

Features that make the 2022 Honda Accord a good choice for road trips include its comfortable interior and ride. It also features a quiet cabin and quick acceleration. And choosing the hybrid powertrain over the gas-only version doesn’t mean sacrificing speed or sportiness.

In addition, the Accord is a safe car with plenty of driver’s aids. Adaptive cruise control comes standard, but the more expensive EX-L and Touring trims also provide a blind-spot warning system. 

The 2022 Tesla Model 3 offers plenty of perks for long-distance travel


Consumer Reports Worst Midsize Luxury Car Is Also the Most Expensive

Consumer Reports gave the 2022 Tesla Model 3 a slightly lower overall score than the 2022 Honda Accord, but the EV still makes a great road trip car for one or two people.

CR ranks the Model 3 among the top five luxury compact cars, and its overall fuel economy is 130 MPGe. Other perks include automated steering and adaptive cruise control, which can help with driver fatigue on long trips.

The Model 3 is the only electric vehicle on this list for a good reason: Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network and an available 358-mile range. Generally, EVs aren’t great for long road trips, but the Model 3 is a step in the right direction to help with range anxiety

Gone are the days of loading up the minivan for those long road trips. For smaller families or couples, there are now alternatives that have many of the same creature comforts of larger vehicles plus some additional benefits. Modern amenities such as automated driving and adaptive cruise control are just a few features that can make a long drive in a sedan more bearable.