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Toyota is a pioneer in hybrid vehicle technology. The Toyota Prius became available over two decades ago. Now, Japanese automaker Toyota produces several popular hybrid nameplates. The brand offers hybrid versions of nearly all of its most popular vehicles. The Highlander Hybrid provides plenty of perks that are often overlooked.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid has incredible driving range

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid | Toyota

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid gets incredible gas mileage and has a large fuel tank. That combination grants the midsize SUV an impressive driving range. Why care about a vehicle’s driving range? Think of it this way. The fewer times you have to stop and refuel your vehicle, the more money you can save on gas.

The amount of trips to the gas station that hybrid vehicles can skip over some of their counterparts reaches the double digits. This equates to saving hundreds of dollars on gas a year. Multiply the number of annual fuel savings by the average new vehicle ownership period (8.4 years), and a driver can save thousands on fuel. If a hybrid is kept for even longer than the average new vehicle ownership period, then suddenly that vehicle becomes a much better deal than its gas-powered counterpart or rival.

The 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid achieves 36 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway. It has a 17.9-gallon gas tank. The midsize hybrid SUV is capable of traveling for around 635 miles on a full tank of gas. That’s over 187 more miles of driving distance than a gas-powered Highlander. Highlander owners refuel their midsize SUVs nine more times a year than Highlander Hybrid owners based on driving range and the average annual driving distance. That equates to over $630 a year in fuel cost savings based on today’s national average fuel prices.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is being overshadowed by new midsize SUVs

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid | Toyota

The midsize SUV vehicle segment is a tough segment to compete in. South Korean models like the Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade rule over the segment with an iron fist because of the value they provide. The Highlander is pricey compared to its rivals. The Highlander Hybrid is even pricier. The reason that Toyota’s midsize hybrid SUV seems so expensive in comparison is because many consumers don’t factor in fuel savings.

The 2022 Kia Telluride gets 20 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highway. It has an 18.8-gallon fuel tank capacity. Kia’s midsize SUV has a 432-mile driving range. So, based on the average annual driving distance, Telluride owners have to refuel about 11 more times than Highlander Hybrid owners. This will cost Telluride drivers roughly $2,424.17 to refuel a year (based on today’s national average gas price). Highlander Hybrid drivers will pay about $1,573.23 a year to refuel (based on today’s national average gas price).

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is the cheaper midsize SUV to own. The price difference between the two models is actually less than the amount of money Highlander Hybrid owners save on fuel over the average new vehicle ownership period (8.4 years). So, if you’re looking for an affordable midsize SUV for the long haul, don’t sleep on the Highlander Hybrid.

Toyota’s Highlander Hybrid is a new twist on a reliable nameplate

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid | Toyota

The Toyota Highlander has already made an impact on its vehicle segment. The Highlander Hybrid could arguably make an even greater impact if it’s given a fair shake. When it comes to practicality and low costs of ownership, it’s tough to think of a better midsize SUV for long-term ownership than the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Kelley Blue Book praises the Highlander Hybrid’s standard features and fuel economy.

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