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The Ford Bronco is back, and the well-known SUV is now one of the best options for SUVs that can off-road well. That said, Bronco has some stiff competition in the Jeep Wrangler. The two SUVs are evenly matched in many areas. However, there are two reasons the Ford Bronco is a better daily driver than the Jeep Wrangler. 

The specs of the Ford Bronco and the Jeep Wrangler

A red and blue Ford Bronco in the desert.
2022 Ford Bronco | Ford Media Center

According to Edmunds, the two off-roading SUVs are relatively similar overall, but there are some significant differences under the hood. Ford has three engine options for the Bronco, while Jeep has five for the Wrangler. The Bronco starts with a 2.3-liter turbo four-cylinder and gets 300 hp. The Wrangler starts with a 3.6-liter V6, and it gets 285 hp. 

The starting engines on both SUVs have the same fuel economy of about 21 mpg combined, and four-wheel drive is standard on both vehicles. Overall, Jeep gave the Wrangler the better engine options in almost every category. The Bronco’s most powerful option is a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 which gets 400 hp. The Wrangler has a 6.4-liter V8 that gets 470 hp. 

Jeep also has a turbodiesel option and a plug-in hybrid, or PHEV, powertrain option. Ford doesn’t have anything similar for the Bronco. The Wrangler’s PHEV option gets 375 hp, allowing the Jeep SUV to get 49 MPGe. 

Here’s why the Ford Bronco is the better daily driver than the Jeep Wrangler

While the Wrangler has more engine options than the Bronco, the Ford is ultimately the better car for daily driving. There are two big reasons for this, according to Edmunds. The first reason is ride quality. The Bronco is by no means a luxury SUV, but there’s a noticeable difference between what the Ford offers and what the Jeep offers.

The Bronco’s ride quality feels more refined, while the Wrangler’s ride quality is bumpier. That said, both SUVs will be noisy on the inside. The second big reason the Bronco is a better daily driver is its steering. Drivers will easily steer the Bronco because its steering is steady, while the Wrangler’s steering is less nimble. Plus, since the Ford SUV is longer and wider than the Jeep, it’ll handle better on the road.

The Jeep Wrangler is better than the Ford Bronco in one major area though


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Many owners of either SUVs will spend a lot of time driving their car around on the road, but both cars were designed for off-roading. Unfortunately for Ford, while the Bronco is a capable off-roader, the Wrangler is just the better option for off-roading. Both SUVs are actually somewhat similar in terms of their standard off-roading features, but the difference is when their capabilities are pushed to their limits. 

For example, while the Ford’s length and width give it some advantages in daily driving, it hurts the SUV in some off-road activities, namely in climbing steep hills. As such, the Wrangler handles steep hills better than the Bronco does. Another off-road issue is in terms of wheel articulation. 

The Bronco has a brand-new independent front suspension, while the Wrangler has a more traditional solid front axle. While the Bronco’s new suspension is good in most cases, it does have limited wheel articulation, while the Wrangler doesn’t have this issue.