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Honda’s cars, like Toyota’s, are typically synonymous with dependability and reliability. However, not every Honda model is a testament to bullet-proof ownership. For instance, according to owner complaints, the 2003 Honda Accord and 2001 Honda Civic earned spots on a list of the most problematic vehicles. Still, six Ford models made the same list, so it’s no surprise that the automaker’s reputation remains intact. 

What problems does the 2003 Honda Accord have?

A red 2003 Honda Accord shows off its model's simple styling.
2003 Honda Accord | Honda

The 2003 Honda Accord’s most common problems are transmission-related. Specifically, the Honda model has over 500 owner complaints about transmission failure at an average of 98,000 miles. Moreover, the most common remedy is a replacement for an average cost of $2,710. 

Moreover, many 2003 Honda Accord owners have complained about interior accessory issues. For instance, 87 owners reported a faulty stereo backlight for which Honda issued a recall and service bulletin. Additionally, Car Complaints says that over 60 owners complained about excessive oil consumption.    

In addition to owner complaints about transmission failure, RepairPal reports that owners experienced starting faults due to ignition switch failures. Moreover, while annual maintenance might not be costly, some of the Accord’s more common repairs are pricey. For instance, replacing a faulty or malfunctioning oil pump could cost over $1,000.

What issues does the 2001 Honda Civic have?

A 2001 Honda Civic parks outside of a hacienda.
2001 Honda Civic | Honda

The overwhelming majority of issues that 2001 Honda Civic owners reported pertain to its transmission. For instance, nearly 700 owners have complained about transmission failure. Specifically, the Honda model’s transmission could irrevocably fail at an average of 104,700 miles. 

Moreover, the most common repair is replacing the Civic’s transmission completely. Unfortunately, the average repair cost for the remedy is around $2,320. In addition to transmission failure, many drivers report improper transmission operation, including slipping and jerking.  

How did the two Honda models do compared to other problematic vehicles?

A red 2003 Honda Accord  model cruises on a desert road.
2003 Honda Accord | Honda

The Honda models ranked toward the top and bottom of the Car Complaints list. Specifically, the 2003 Honda Accord took the No. 2 spot on the top 20 most problematic vehicles list. The Accord ranked behind the list-topping 2002 Ford Explorer and ahead of the 2019 Toyota RAV4. 

Moreover, the 2001 Honda Civic took the second-to-last place on the list, No. 19 out of 20. The last place, and therefore least problematic model on the list, is the 2007 Toyota Camry. 

Still, only the 2003 Honda Accord wears the automaker’s badge in the top five most problematic vehicles. Compared to Ford and Jeep, the Japanese marque’s offerings are scarce on the list.  

Should you avoid the Honda Accord and Civic model years? 

While these two Accord and Civic years made a list of vehicles with owner-reported issues, the models are some of the most dependable names in reliable transportation. Still, considering the myriad driver complaints, potential owners might be better off with a different model year, like the 2000 Honda Civic. 

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