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There are some things in life you can count on, like Mcdonald’s french fries and the humidity in Florida. However, a new study shows that some of the longest-lasting and most reliable SUVs come from two dependable car brands. The most reliable car brands making sport utility vehicles are Ford, Toyota, and Honda, but which one outnumbered the others by a landslide?

What is the most dependable car brand?

According to the most recent iSeeCars study about the longest-lasting cars, trucks, and SUVs, Toyota was the most dependable brand. Toyota vehicles accounted for eight of the top 23 most reliable vehicles. These are cars, trucks, and SUVs that have the potential to last 250,000 miles or more.

While SUVs and trucks are the most prominent, two sedans and a minivan made the list. The Toyota Land Cruiser has an incredible 47.9% chance of hitting 250k, four times more than the average vehicle. Toyota’s Tundra pickup truck had the same numbers, proving a durable option for buyers.

Model% Chance of Lasting 250,000+ Miles
Toyota Land Cruiser47.9%
Toyota Tundra47.9%
Toyota Sequoia47.1%
Toyota Tacoma41.7%
Toyota 4Runner41.0%
Toyota Avalon33.1%
Toyota Sienna23.3%
Toyota Camry20.4%
Overall average11.8%
Cars Most Likely to Last 250,000+ Miles | iSeeCars

The slightly smaller and still available Sequoia SUV and the smaller Tacoma truck are just below that. These options also helped Toyota become one of the most dependable automotive brands.

Is Honda a reliable brand?

Honda also had four options on the list of the longest-lasting vehicles, making it a reliable brand. With three SUVs and one sedan making the list, Honda was the second most recognized brand on the list of 23 vehicles. Honda’s Pilot SUV had a 42.7% chance of hitting 250,000 miles, more than three percent higher than the average. Even though the Honda Element isn’t sold any longer, that and the currently-available CR-V are some of the most reliable SUVs.

Model% Chance of Lasting 250,000+ Miles
Honda Pilot42.7%
Honda Element27.8%
Honda CR-V27.5%
Honda Accord27.1%
Cars Most Likely to Last 250,000+ Miles | iSeeCars

Regarding dependable brands, Honda makes some of the best-used SUVs and sedans. While the Ridgeline truck didn’t make the list this year, it has in the past. However, heavy-duty and full-size trucks are far more prevalent on this list than a more compact option like the Ridgeline.

Are Ford’s reliable trucks?

Dependable brands like Toyota and Honda make these vehicles
Toyota and Honda SUVs | Akio Kon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ford’s F-350 Super Duty was the number one car or truck that could reach 250,000 miles or more. Ford has four trucks on the list of longest-lasting vehicles: the F-350 Super Duty, the F-250 Super Duty, the F-150, and the Ranger. The Ford Expedition SUV also has a good chance of hitting high mileage. Ford remains one of the most durable brands for trucks.

There is a clear trend that shows trucks and SUVs are some of the longest-lasting vehicles. Honda, Toyota, and Ford are some of the most reliable car brands making those trucks and SUVs.


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