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Stellantis is most famous in the United States for automotive brands like Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, and Jeep. Like other automakers, Stellantis struggled with supply chain issues and computer chip shortages but navigated through them better than others, coming into 2022’s fourth quarter with well-stocked dealership lots.

However, the automotive giant apparently overplayed its hand by cutting incentives and raising prices in the face of dwindling demand for new cars. 

Stellantis dependability problem
The Stellantis logo along with some of its brands’ logos | Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Stellantis’ Q4 2022 sales data

Stellantis experienced declining sales across almost all of its brands in the last quarter of 2022, according to Rebecca Rydzewski, a Cox Automotive research manager.

While all major automakers’ dealerships saw fewer cars, trucks, and SUVs on their lots than they’d prefer, Stellantis brands kept a better supply of new vehicles than others. However, having a better selection of cars available did not equate to better sales figures.

A couple of reasons for Stellantis’ declining sales relate to the price a consumer pays for a new car. First, rising new car prices, as the average transaction price (ATP) for a new Stellantis vehicle increased by 5% to a new company record of $55,281. Compared to the same period in 2017, that’s an increase of $16,823. 

The second reason for lower sales numbers is the reduction of sales incentives to customers. Pre-pandemic, Stellantis offered incentives to new car buyers totaling more than $5,000 per vehicle. However, incentives in Q4 2022 dropped by 31% to $1,658 per vehicle on average, “the lowest in six years by a wide margin,” says Rydzewski. 

Overall, Stellantis sold 347,649 vehicles in Q4 2022. That’s a 15.5% decline compared to Q4 2021 and 35.9% fewer than the 542,519 vehicles sold in Q4 2019. As a result, Stellantis’ market share fell to 9.6%, the lowest Q4 for the automaker in “several years.” 

Stellantis’ Q4 2022 best selling brands

The best-selling Stallantis brands in Q4 2022 were Jeep and Ram, with 273,190 combined sales, 78.6% of total Stellantis sales, for the period.

However, both brands experienced fewer sales compared to the previous year. Stellantis’ best-selling brand, Jeep, sold 143,317 units in Q4 2022, down 18% from last year, and Ram sales declined 14.5% to 129,873 units. 

For Jeep, only the Compass and Wagoneer saw increased sales from Q4 2021, while Grand Cherokee and Renegade sales slipped the most. The Ram Promaster van saw increased sales, but the popular Ram 1500 pickup truck’s declining numbers pulled down the brand’s average. 

How did other Stellantis brands perform?

Other Stellantis brands like Chrysler and Alfa Romeo also experienced fewer sales in Q4 2022. For example, of Chrysler’s two models, the Pacifica minivan sales declined 42%, while 300 sedan sales rose by 15%, for a brand average 39% drop with 25,052 units sold. Likewise, Alfa Romeo’s 3,031 units sold represent a 25% decline for Q4 2022. 

The Dodge brand saw a 15% increase, with 46,278 units sold in Q4 2022, as all three models performed well. The Charger saw a modest 3% gain with 17,414 sales, Durango sold 15,890 SUVs for a 22% increase, and Challenger sales increased by 28% to 12,966.


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