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The Tesla Model S is officially over 10 years old, and with each passing year, the used Model S market is getting more and more affordable. The Tesla Model S has become so affordable that it is now possible to own one of these world-changing vehicles for less than $30,000.

This price has come a long way from the original asking MSRP of $57,400 for the first Model S produced. Adjusted for inflation, this base MSRP in 2009 when the Model S was announced would be around $80,000 today. Despite this initial price, U.S. News has placed two Model S models on their list of the best-used luxury hybrid and EVs for 2023 under $30,000.

A red Tesla Model S on display.
Tesla Model S | Tesla

The 2014 Tesla Model S is pretty affordable

The 2014 Tesla Model S ranks in 2nd place on U.S. News’ lengthy list of the 43 best hybrid and electric cars you can buy for under $30,000. The 2014 Model S can be found on the used market today for as low as $24,236 and as high as $26,682 on average.

This 2014 model came in two main battery pack sizes, with a 60 kWh, 208-mile range battery pack found in the base model, and an 85 kWh, 265-mile range battery pack in the mid-range model. These two battery packs produce 302 and 416 horsepower respectively.

Late in the 2014 model year, a top-of-the-line model was released; the Model S P85D. This P85D was produced with a powerful 691 horsepower dual-motor, all-wheel drive setup that has a maximum range of 242 miles.

The 2014 Model S received fantastic safety ratings for 2014, and also had higher than average projected reliability, thanks to its all-electric drivetrain. EVs typically have very high projected reliability ratings due to their lack of components.

For example, in a typical gas engine-equipped vehicle, there are a ton of fluids, vacuum lines, electrical components, and lubrication systems found in an engine that all have to perform correctly.

Meanwhile, an EV is much less complex with a main drive motor serving as the only real component. Even brakes are expected to last longer than usual, thanks to the regenerative braking systems found on EVs today.

The 2015 Tesla Model S is another great choice

Coming in at the top-spot on U.S. News’ list of the best used hybrid and EVs you can buy for under $30,000 is the 2015 Tesla Model S.

The 2015 Model S is slightly more expensive than the 2014 model but is still a great deal at around $27,231 on the used market. The base Model S for 2015 came with a standard 70 kWh battery pack which has a maximum range of 240 miles, but a larger 85 kWh battery pack could be purchased with a projected range of 265 miles. The 2015 Model S with the longest range is the 85D and the 90D, which can travel up to 270 miles on a single charge.

The 2015 Model S has a higher projected reliability rating than the 2014 model due to its tech features being slightly more refined than before. The only recalls issued for the 2015 Model S is centered around seat belts, linkages, and gears wearing out prematurely throughout the vehicle, and issues with losing power steering.

The 2015 Model S is just as good as the 2014 model, with some added range and more sophisticated technology.


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Tesla is making its mark in the automotive industry

Upon initial release, Tesla vehicles were seen as expensive, luxury EVs that could only be purchased by consumers with a huge amount of disposable income. With used Teslas flooding the market at record-low prices, these world-changing vehicles are now some of the best-used cars you can buy today.

If you were looking for a used hybrid or electric vehicle under $30,000 but weren’t ready for the jump to a fully-electric powered vehicle, Lexus hybrids are dominating the market.

In fact, behind the Tesla Model S, Lexus hybrids account for 14 of the top 20 used hybrids and EVs found on the U.S. News list. With both of these brands producing incredible electric-powered vehicles, you can’t go wrong with any of their products!