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The Corolla is the biggest-selling vehicle on the planet and has been for quite some time. Toyota continues to upgrade as needed to meet the demands of consumers. However, a new study came out that reveals what owners of the vehicle liked and disliked about their purchase. 

What are the two areas that drivers liked the least about the Corolla? Can those issues be fixed? Also, what did Toyota do right with the model?

A lineup of 2023 Toyota Corolla cars and Corolla Hatchbacks show off their bright colors.
Toyota Corolla lineup | Toyota

What owners like the least about their Toyota Corollas

Owners of the Toyota Corolla were impressed with its fuel economy and the exterior styling of the sedan as well as the way it handled on the road. However, a few areas they reported weren’t so great with this model. 

The first feature that failed to impress them is its driving comfort. While J.D. Power doesn’t go into detail as to why owners weren’t happy with its comfortability, it might be because some models don’t offer lumbar support and you can only adjust the seats manually. Also, some users reported too much engine and road noise while traveling at higher speeds. 

The second feature owners didn’t like was getting in and out of the car. Other critics state that the door sill is too thick and the front seats are a little lower than what you see with most other sedans, causing issues with accessing the interior. 

Can Toyota fix those issues? 

Is there something Toyota can do to fix the issues owners weren’t pleased about in the Corolla? The door sill panels are part of the car’s structure, so technically, the brand probably wouldn’t be able to thin it out without altering the entire framework of the car.

However, it’s not something you see with all small vehicles. For example, the Honda Fit is a compact car that is easy for seniors and others to get in and out of. 

When it comes to comfort, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to make seats that would withstand long-distance trips by offering lumbar support. There are plenty of cars, SUVs, and trucks that do this for consumers. It’s also possible to have power adjustments, at least for the driver’s seat on all trims, including the base. 

As for road noise, while traveling, we know that Toyota could essentially tackle that issue. Some vehicles, like the Buick Enclave, for example, offer tons of noise-reduction technology to address this very problem. 

What does the 2023 Toyota Corolla get right?

While comfortability and getting in and out of the sedan are two of the least-liked features of the Corolla, there are a few things the vehicle did get right as reported by the owners.

First, its fuel economy ratings greatly impressed consumers, according to J.D. Power. The model offers a 2.0-liter gasoline four-cylinder engine that allows the sedan to get around 36 mpg combined. 

However, you can upgrade to the hybrid version, which will get you around 48 mpg overall. Next, owners liked the way the vehicle looks. Toyota redesigned the headlights, grille, wheels, and rear diffusers on some of the models giving a modern look to the styling. The third most liked feature about the Corolla is the way it drives. 

With weighted steering and little body lean, the sedan can handle corners quite efficiently. Plus, its suspension system works pretty well, absorbing bumps and other rough road conditions, making for a smooth ride. 

Consumers that purchased the Corolla didn’t care for how little comfort it offers when traveling long distances, nor did they like how much of a struggle it can be to get in and out of the car. But, they did like its fuel economy, exterior styling, and the way it drives. 


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