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Electric SUVs are slowly taking over the automotive industry thanks to a global push to reduce carbon emissions. Automakers all over the globe are competing to create the most practical electric vehicles. Since crossovers are currently the most popular American vehicle segment, the electric crossover market is becoming especially competitive. Choose one of these two affordable electric SUVs to escape sky-high gas prices.

The 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric is the perfect solution to high gas prices

The 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric is the electric version of the South Korean automaker’s lively little subcompact SUV model. The Kona is adored by consumers because it includes a peppy powertrain and great handling. The Kona Electric maintains those same qualities and uses an electric motor system. It starts at $34,000.

The subcompact electric SUV model is also eligible for a $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit. It uses a single motor to produce 201 horsepower. The Kona Electric is also available in a Limited trim that offers features like a leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather seats, and wireless device charging. The Hyundai Kona Electric Limited starts at $42,500.

The 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric gets 258 miles of driving range before needing to recharge. It’s the perfect first electric SUV for consumers because it has enough range to be practical for most drivers, and it’s fun to drive. The electric SUV is also very affordable, especially after EV tax credits.

The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is a well-rounded affordable electric SUV

Chevrolet made a big splash in the EV space with the launch of the Chevy Bolt back in 2017. The Chevy Bolt was successful after its debut and received great reviews from consumers and critics alike. Recently the Chevy Bolt EUV was launched despite the controversy surrounding the Bolt. The Chevy Bolt became part of one of the largest recalls in recent automotive history after General Motors recalled every Bolt and Bolt EUV model because of battery fires.

GM found that Chevy Bolt and Bolt EUV models could potentially catch on fire and cause other objects to catch on fire due to a battery overheating problem. The American automaker lost millions of dollars due to the recall but is still sticking with its Ultium platform. Assuming that GM has fixed the battery overheating issue (which would be in its best interest), the Chevy Bolt EUV is still a great affordable electric SUV option.

According to Road Show by CNET, the Chevy Bolt EUV boasts an energetic powertrain and a refined cabin. It starts at $33,500. The electric SUV has a 247-mile driving range.

Electric SUVs can save you big bucks

A blue 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric SUV is charging.
A blue 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric SUV is charging | Hyundai

You Need To Consider The Hyundai Kona EV Instead Of The RAV4 Hybrid

New electric SUV options are being announced at a rapid pace. U.S. President Joe Biden would like for 50% of new vehicles produced in America to be EVs by 2030. Automakers agreed that 40% of all new vehicles produced is a more feasible goal. Nonetheless, electric SUVs are here to stay, and there will only be more to choose from in coming years.

Automakers are off to a great start producing competitive electric SUVs like the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric and 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV. These options are great purchases to make to avoid rising gas prices. Are you ready to ditch gas-powered SUVs, or is EV technology still too impractical and unpredictable to trust?