Watch the $2.5 Million Rimac Nevera Snow Drift With 1,900 Horsepower

It’s hard to imagine a cooler job than being a test driver for boutique electric hypercar manufacturer, Rimac. Just thinking about it is enough to put a pretty clear vision in one’s head. The company’s latest development, the Nevera, is a mind-melting car with over 1,900 horsepower. Who wouldn’t want to be behind the wheel every day? If you’re still not convinced, this video will likely sell you on the idea that this might be the coolest job in the world.

Winter testing the Rimac means lots of snow drifting fun

Front Rimac Nevera electric hypercar driving in the snow
Rimac Nevera snow drifting | RimacAutomobili, Youtube

Rimac Automobili recently posted a Youtube video of winter stress testing the Rimac Nevera. According to the video description, the testing all took place at Pirelli’s Sottozero Center in Sweden. This facility hugs the line of the Arctic Circle, so it makes the perfect place to perform tests for extreme weather conditions.

It isn’t all fun and games, of course, as much as it sounds like a good time to rip the $2.5 million electric hypercar around in the snow and ice. The weather conditions are very extreme, and it undoubtedly takes a toll on both the car and the Rimac team.

“The lowest temperatures we’ve had are minus 15, which is not ideal. So, we switch from day shifts to night shifts just to have the surface more consistent,” said Miroslav Zrnčević, Chief Test and Development Driver for Rimac.

Rimac Vehicle Test Engineer Daniel Mateo describes how Rimac had to prepare every system, from brakes and the cooling system to electrical architecture, to ensure the car could withstand these extreme conditions.

Sure, it’s unlikely that any Rimac buyers will ever put their vehicles through this kind of stress. However, taking testing to the extreme is what ensures that customer cars will be OK in day-to-day use. That, too, is not likely something customer Rimac vehicles will see either. The price is a bit lofty for a daily driver.

That being said, the testing brought us this remarkable footage of the Nevera putting all 1,900 horsepower to use and sliding around the frozen tundra like a drifting champion. No matter the reason, one should always take advantage of a chance to see a multi-million dollar hypercar getting thrashed, er, tested!

How is Rimac Nevera so fast?


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The Nevera is truly a remarkable piece of engineering. It uses four motors, one for each wheel, to create all of this power. The exact figures are a downright frightening output of 1,914 hp and 1,740 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, Rimac claims it can sprint from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 1.85 seconds. Additionally, the Nevera has put down a quarter-mile time at a drag strip of just 8.58 seconds, making it the fastest drag time any production car has ever run. Finally, Rimac claims it has a top speed of over 250 miles per hour.

It’s not all just performance, though. The Nevera is a fully-electric car that weighs 4,000 pounds. Though that is quite heavy, it still comes in almost 800 pounds lighter than a Tesla Model S Plaid, according to Car and Driver. Additionally, it has a remarkable range of up to 340 miles and can charge from zero percent to 80 percent battery in just 22 minutes.

All of these details would make it the perfect daily driver if it weren’t for that pesky $2.5 million price tag.