This 1964 Dodge 330 LE is Rumored to be the Deadliest Car in America

Stephen King’s thriller novel about a killer Plymouth Fury named Christine got a movie adaptation not even one year after it was published. While it got mixed reviews from critics, the movie still holds a special place in the hearts of gearheads and horror lovers. However, many fans of the movie don’t know that the tale was inspired by a car that actually existed.

The story was based on a 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition known as ‘GoldenEagle’. The vehicle was originally purchased for the police force of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. From there, GoldenEagle began to accrue a bloody 20-year history of killing people who came into contact with it. While there is little concrete evidence to support these claims, the locals of the small Maine town are still fully convinced that the car was inhabited by a dark entity.

The gruesome legend of the deadliest car in America

The car didn’t last long in the Old Orchard Beach Police Department. The three officers who drove GoldenEagle all murdered their families before taking their own lives, leading the rest of the force to get rid of the car. They sold it to an older man, who would eventually give it to its current owner, Wendy Allen.

Allen was aware of the car’s history, but she still continued to drive it without any concern. However, the town still regarded the GoldenEagle as a menace. Members of the local church even believed that it was possessed by a demon. Over the 80s and 90s, several churchgoers along with other troublemakers vandalized the car. Perhaps they thought that this would drive away any evil spirits, but it had the exact opposite effect.

Reportedly, each of the vandals experienced a horrific death as a result of tampering with GoldenEagle. The majority of them were killed after being struck head-on by 18-wheeler trucks, decapitating some of them in the process. The others were killed after being struck by lightning, which was also considered to be the will of GoldenEagle.

The vandals weren’t the only ones who experienced the Dodge’s wrath. Around 2007, a young teenager was allegedly dared to touch the car. A few weeks later, he murdered his entire family and set their house on fire. The car was also involved in a few disturbing incidents involving young children. Several stories were told of kids being hit by cars and landing directly on GoldenEagle’s hood or nearby.

Where is the GoldenEagle today?

In 2010, another church decided to try and stop GoldenEagle again. A group of members stole the car from Allen’s lot, chopped it up, and spread the pieces around to different junkyards. You would think that the owner would be relieved to have a haunted car out of their hands, but Allen was devastated. After making a post on the internet about the incident, supporters helped her gather most of the parts from her cherished family car.

In addition to the car’s dark history, Allen also suspects that the church specifically targeted her due to her occult interests. She is regarded by them as the “Sea Witch of Old Orchard Beach,” and spread rumors that she would use the car to cast death spells. Allen has denied these statements.

Despite her affection for GoldenEagle, even she claims that there was something possessing the car. She recalled incidents where the car would randomly open its doors, release the seat buckles, or jam the steering wheel. Some of these happened while Allen and her family were inside the vehicle.

In its current state, it’s safe to say that the Dodge’s supposed reign of terror is at an end. If you believe the stories, the final death toll of the GoldenEagle is 32.