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Most luxury SUVs offer a stress-free ownership experience, especially during the first few years. However, one $150,000 super-luxury SUV can’t catch a break. The 2023 BMW XM has a long list of attributes: a high-performance plug-in hybrid super luxury sport utility vehicle. It delivers on paper, but the masses remain divided about the looks.

The 2023 BMW XM is a $150,000 luxury SUV

A lot is riding on the 2023 BMW XM as the first dedicated M car from the brand in more than 30 years. BMW calls the XM a “high-performance luxury SUV” like no other. It gets 644 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, and a zero to 60 mph time of 4.1 seconds. The XM uses an M Hybrid drivetrain with a high-performance electric motor and a V8 to get around 30 miles of all-electric range.

On paper, it all sounds great. The problem is once you see the XM. In the video above, the YouTube channel The Fast Lane interviews BMW M Division CEO Frank van Meel, who comments that the XM is one of the SUVs brand’s flagship vehicles.

“In our portfolio from M2 to X6 M, we have everything there is, but there was this special position of a very extroverted, bold, expressive car, away from the classical ones. Really something special, and many customers of other brands asked us to do a car like this.”

Van Meel noted that drivers of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class or the Lamborghini Urus wanted something like that from the BMW brand. Thus, the 2023 BMW XM was born out of necessity. However, the super-luxury SUV has continued to rack up negative feedback about its looks that negate its high performance.

How much is the 2023 BMW XM luxury SUV?

A $150,000 luxury SUV, plug-in hybrid, flagship M-vehicle is an “acquired taste” at best. Car and Driver recently said, “In trying to appease people with a multitude of tastes, BMW M’s plug-in-hybrid SUV flagship loses focus.” It does too much at once.

The driving dynamics are good, delivering on the M part of the deal. It is obviously fast, but the Label Red version comes with 735 hp and a cost of $185,000 if the regular XM isn’t enough. BMW went with conventional coil springs, which doesn’t really align with the price tag and offers a bumpier ride than one might anticipate.

One group said that even though BMW M’s new flagship vehicle is its most powerful model ever, it also has the weakest driving experience of the current M range. The power and performance of the 2023 XM are fine, but the rough ride is a significant drawback. On top of that, the battery pack and fuel tank limit the cargo area, making it less SUV-like. The floor is high, which also makes it harder to load and unload.

This dedicated M car feels lost, especially up against the competition

The 2023 BMW XM luxury SUV
A 2023 BMW XM | BMW

If BMW was trying to capture the magic of the dedicated M cars of the past, the XM fell short. Having a 6,000-pound SUV with 483 hp and a face for radio does no driving enthusiasts justice.

Compared to the Porsche Cayenne, Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes-AMG G63, and Bentley Bentayga, the 2023 BMW XM is going to have trouble luring drivers over. Those brands produced a super-SUV that still looks good and delivers on all of its performance promises. Some might say the XM isn’t even in the same segment as some luxury sport utility vehicles, elevating the super-luxury SUV segment.

Most reviews of the XM have some positives, but it falls short in more than one area. MotorTrend said, “the M team raided the BMW catalog and Frankensteined-together an SUV.” Reviews of the competition compliment the performance and looks quite universally, even if vehicles like the Urus are made to stand out. This luxury SUV makes sense for a specific buyer, not the masses, but that was clear. Since it just hit the market, actual sales numbers will be interesting. At $159,000, BMW might have difficulty breaking records.


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