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Have you ever wondered if driving your lawn mower to the store or to work might be a good idea? Hope not! But what about using it for racing? Honda must think it’s a possibility, as it has created the fastest electric lawn mower in the world. At least, for now.

Can you buy a Honda Mean Mower?

The Honda “Mean Mower” V2 is Honda Engineering’s latest offering, and it has been clocked at 151 mph. Look, Honda makes almost anything for getting from A to B, boats, motorcycles, aircraft, and even lawn mowers. It’s all in its wheelhouse. Why not a racing version of one of its most pedestrian products? But you can’t buy your own Mean Mower, so don’t even think about it.

Honda Mean Mower
Honda Mean Mower V2 | Honda

The Mean Mower is powered by a 200-hp Fireblade engine. Found in its CBR1000RR-R motorcycles, it debuted in 2020. The Fireblade features a 1000 cc DOHC inline four-cylinder engine with four tiny valves per cylinder. It spins at 13,000 rpm. 

The mower itself started out as a production HF 2622 ride-on lawn tractor. It has a top speed of around five or six mph, for comparison. So the Mean Mower is about 30 times faster than a stock HF 2622. Talk about a quick trip around the yard. You could mow an entire football field in less than five minutes. 

Does the Mean Mower really mow the lawn?

Honda Mean Mower
Honda Mean Mower V2 | Honda

Honda teamed up with Team Dynamics for computer design work and 3D printed bits to help in the build. And it not only looks mean, but one of the project parameters is that it still has to function as a lawn mower. So the Mean Mower really does it all.

Honda set out to capture the Guinness Book of World Records prize for the fastest lawn mower in the world. The setup requires close to the same speed in both directions within one hour to qualify. The average time for both runs becomes the official time. Racer and stunt driver Jess Hawkins drove for these runs. 

Can you race one of these lawn mowers?


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By setting the record, it beat out its previous Mean Mower V1 time of 116.87 mph set in 2014. V2’s zero to 100 mph time is 6.285 seconds. Yes, this all is a bit frivolous, but there are actual lawn mower racing associations, so this is an actual sport of sorts.

Both the U.S. Lawn Mower Association and the American Racing Lawn Mower Association, have scheduled events. And they can get serious, as racing tends to do. Kill switches are mandatory and are tethered to the driver in case he or she falls off. Winnings include trophies and expense compensation, so these guys do it because they like it.