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Hot Wheels are one of the coolest toys in existence. They are a fun and low-cost way to enjoy our dream cars (even fantasy cars) without taking up space in our homes or bank accounts – at least most of them. Some Hot Wheels cars have become so insanely rare and sought after that you would be better off buying many actual dream sports cars over trying to buy some of these most expensive Hot Wheels cars. 

a black and white photo of a few toy cars. It's hard to believe the most expensive Hot Wheels Cars can be this small and silly.
Hot Wheels | Getty Images

What is the most expensive Hot Wheels car?

Like all collectibles, if you want to, you can probably spend any amount of money you’d like. The overwhelming majority of vintage Hot Wheels cars are worth anywhere from a few dollars to some of the cooler ones reaching into the $20-range. 

But the 15 most expensive Hot Wheels cars of all time are on a whole other level. While some are Ferraris and vintage muscle cars, some are completely made up fantasy cars. Without further adieu, these are the Hot Wheels to keep your eyes peeled for at the next garage sale.

15) 1972 Green Open Fire 

Green Open Fire is one of the most Expensive Hot Wheels cars
Green Open Fire | Hot Wheels

Estimated value: $4,000

The Green Open Fire dropped in 1972 and was designed by Paul Tam. According to WealthyGorilla, this marked the first Hot Wheels car to feature a cartoonishly huge engine and a double set of wheels. The car most closely resembles an AMC Gremlin, making its massive value hilarious. You could have this toy or a Gremlin. Choose wisely. 

14) 1970 Red Ferrari 312P with white interior

Red Ferrari 312P (white Interior) Hot Wheels
Red Ferrari 312P ( white interior) | Hot Wheels

Estimated value: $5,000

This rare little number came to the American market as well as the Hong Kong market. While this insane price tag might feel like a bit much, it is said that only 20 of the Ferrari 312Ps were ever made with the white interior. 

Even without the white interior, these mini Ferraris can still fetch a pretty penny. 

13) 1971 Spectraflame Purple Bye-Focal

1971 Spectraflame Purple Bye Focal hot wheels
1971 Spectraflame Purple Bye Focal | Hot Wheels

Estimated value: $6,000

In the early ’70s, Hot Wheels was all about the Barris-esque fantasy cars. The Spectraflame is based on a ’70 Dodge Challenger, but instead of one V8, this one has two under a “glass” hood. 

Although the Spectraflame is pretty rare on its own, the purple is the rarest of the model. Notice the red lines on the tires. This era of Hot Wheels cars is known uncreatively as “Redline” Hot Wheels cars. The purple Spectraflame is considered one of the rarest of the Redline Hot Wheels. 

12) 1970 Red Baron with white interior 

1970 Red Baron White Interior
1970 Red Baron White Interior | hot Wheels

Actually sold: $7,500

Despite the poor taste of the WWI German soldier helmet, the Red Baron car is one of the most famous production Hot Wheels ever made. However, the ones with the white interior are among the most expensive Hot Wheels cars of all time. 

There are only a few known Red Barons with white interiors in existence. According to WealthyGorilla, a collector paid $7,500 on eBay for one in 2018. 

11) 1969 Brown ‘31 Woody 

1969 Brown '31 Woody
1969 Brown ’31 Woody | Hot Wheels

Estimated value: $8,000

The original Brown Woody is one of the rarest toy cars in the world. Only 40 are known to exist today, although Hot Wheels likely made more than that. 

This model was released in 1969 in three different colors: white, champagne, and dark brown. They also were offered in either a smooth or wrinkled top. 

10) 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger

1974 Blue Rodger Dodger
1974 Blue Rodger Dodger | Hot Wheels

Estimated Value: $8,000

Larry Wood, the same designer for the Spectraflame, also designed this little hot rod. The Roger Dodger came out as a part of the “Flying Colors” series. It was based on the ’73 Dodge Charger and most commonly came in the “plum enamel” color. 

It is this much rarer blue color that commands the serious money. 

9) 1968 Python with “Cheetah” base

1968 Python With Cheetah Base
1968 Python With Cheetah Base | Hot Wheels

Estimated Value: $10,000

Alright, now we are starting to get into the big leagues. You could either buy one of these toys or a real used car from here on out. 

The Cheetah is based on a 1963 car designed by Bill Cushenbery. The inspiration comes from a ​​’60 Pontiac and a ’61 Corvair, with a small block Ford engine. 

Soon after the “Cheetah” launch, it got restyled and called the Tiger Shark. Very few Cheetahs are thought to exist today. Most were made in the red color, but the orange ones are worth some serious dough. 

8) 1969 Ed Shaver Blue AMX

Ed Shaver AMX is one of the most expensive hot wheels cars
Ed Shaver AMX | Hot Wheels

Estimated Value: $10,000

I am a sucker for anything AMC. The Ed Shaver AMX was designed to celebrate the partnership between Mattel and Shaver. The only difference between this one and the regular AMX Hot Wheels is the racing livery. 

The differences between one of the most expensive Hot Wheels and a $5 toy are slim and easily faked, so proceed with caution on these.

7) 1971 Purple Oldsmobile 442

 the 1971 Purple Olds 442 Hot Wheels
1971 Purple Olds 442 | Hot Wheels

Estimated Value: $12,000 

Another Larry Wood joint, this model was a part of the Mainline series. Collectors believe that this is the rarest overall casting of any Redline Hot Wheels cars. 

Of this rarest casting, the purple colorway put this one well into the most expensive Hot Wheels cars.

6) 1969 Brown Custom Charger

1969 Brown Custom Charger
1969 Brown Custom Charger | Wealthy Gorilla

Estimated Value: $13,000

Obviously, this one is based on a 1969 Dodge Charger, one of the coolest cars ever. The Custom Charger was produced for two years, but only a very small number of the brown ones were ever made. 

5) 1970 Mad Maverick Base 

1970 Mad Maverick Base is one of the most expensive hot wheels cars
1970 Mad Maverick Base | Hot Wheels

Estimated Value: $15,000

This is the fifth most expensive Hot Wheels car on the market. It is based on the 1969 Ford Maverick. It debuted in 1970 and stayed in production until 1977. However, only a very small number of these had the name “Mad Maverick” pressed into the base underneath the car. 

The name was a Copywrite infringement, and as a result, Mattel took the name off the car soon after production. 

1968 Over Chrome Camaro in Antifreeze green against white background is one rare hot wheels
1968 Over Chrome Camaro | Hot Wheels

Estimated Value: $25,000

The 1968 Over Chrome Camaro steps into a different realm of collectibles. For one, the value is getting into serious sums of money. 

The Antifreeze 1968 Over Chrome Camaro was thought to be used primarily for commercials and advertising campaigns, meaning the cars weren’t production toys. This is inherently different than toys that were made to sell in stores. 

Collectors estimate somewhere around 20 were made, hence the crazy high price. 

3) 1968 Over Chrome Mustang

1968 Over Chrome Mustang
1968 Over Chrome Mustang | Wealthy Gorilla

Sold For: $40,000

The Over Chrome Mustang is crazy rare. If only 20 of the other Chrome Over models is rare, then what does that make the Mustang which only had two. This one was also only ever meant for promotional use. 

WealthyGorllia reports that this one was purchased for $40,000 at an estate sale from a private collection at a trailer park. We aren’t sure how it got there, but it did. 

2) 2008 Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto

2006 Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto
2006 Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto | Hot Wheels

Sold For: $60,000

This one barely counts as a true collectible car due to the fact it is literally covered in diamonds. Mattel wanted to commemorate its 40th anniversary with something special, and so it busted out the gold and diamonds. Although it only sold for $60,000, the 18k white gold and diamond-covered Hot Wheels car is estimated to be worth $140,000. 

This one-of-one Hot Wheels car features 2,700 diamond chips, white gold, and red rubies as taillights. 

The 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb is the rarest and most expensive Hot Wheels car in existence.
1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb | Hot Wheels

1) 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb

Estimated Value: $175,000

Finally, we come to the most expensive Hot Wheels car of all time. The Pink Beach Bomb is not only said to be worth a staggering $175,000, but it is also cool as hell. This van is thought to be only one of two ever made, making it quite the rare Hot Wheels car.

Mattel made more pink vans later, but the surfboards were side-mounted to make the toy work better. The rear-mounted surfboard, as you see here, was only made as the prototype for the actual production toy.


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