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There is not a more prominent name in the electric vehicles segment (EV) than Tesla. Known for their fully electric cars such as the Tesla Model 3 and the Model X, Tesla will soon release a truck the company monikers the Cybertruck. While prospective owners wait for the release of the Cybertruck, companies such as Loki are revealing expensive but impressive add-ons.

When will the Cybertruck hit the road?

Tesla Cybertruck on a stage in front of a crowd of people with a blue haze.
Tesla Cybertruck | Getty Images

Since its announcement years ago, Tesla enthusiasts have waited patiently for the Cybertruck. It has faced numerous delays and changes, which has left buyers wondering if they will ever get their truck. Originally scheduled to be released by late 2021, the Cybertruck likely won’t be in driveways until sometime in 2023.

While several factors have contributed to the delays of the Cybertruck release, supply chain issues, especially for the truck’s battery production, are likely one of the most significant obstacles. The Verge mentions that beyond the battery production issues, Tesla is having trouble deciding how to make the Cybertruck affordable, and wondering what included technology people are willing to pay for.

Turn your Cybertruck into a camper with the Cybertruck camper pod

While future Cybertruck buyers wait to get their hands on the new truck, they can daydream about transforming it into a camper. Loki, the company behind several attachments, will turn a pickup truck into a camper and has created a special Tesla Cybertruck edition of their Basecamp products.

The Loki Adventure Pod: Cybertruck Edition, will allow Cybertruck owners to attach a spacious and modern camper shell to the bed of their truck. According to Robb Report, the Adventure Pod has several intriguing features, such as a roof rack, tie tracks, pull-out exterior drawers, and a solar-aided electrical system.

On the inside, you can find a place to sleep, a kitchenette, a cook top, a sink, a toilet, and a ton of storage space. Outlets and ports for your electronic devices are littered throughout the climate-controlled cabin, making the Adventure Pod paired with the Cybertruck the ultimate camping experience for those who prefer to avoid tents.

The Basecamp does come at a hefty price. At $135,000 for the premium model, buyers will have to shell out more than the cost of the Cybertruck to camp in style and comfort with this camper shell.

Is the Cybertruck right for you?

With many vehicle manufacturers starting to release their own EVs, including trucks, you might be wondering if the Cybertruck is right for you.

Beyond its unique look, Tesla claims that the Cybertruck has “better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car.” The truck boasts 800 hp, reaching 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds., which is impressive for a pickup truck.

Solid durability, performance, and versatility being the Cybertruck’s main selling points, it’s also packed full of high-tech features. Drivers and front-seat passengers will be presented with a large 17-inch touchscreen, which will control nearly every aspect of the vehicle, including climate controls, navigation, music, and seat settings.

There are still many features yet to be announced by Tesla, but for those looking for a futuristic electric truck, it’s hard to beat the Cybertruck. The truck starts at $39,900 and can reach up to $69,900 depending on what model and features you choose.

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