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The 2022 Ford Mustang follows a long line of models positioned as the Blue Oval’s most popular muscle car. Whether you like the sound of a turbocharger spooling up or the rumble of V8 horsepower, the latest iteration of the S550 Mustang has an option for you. But why stop at the factory version when you can choose the best aftermarket parts and accessories to create a 2022 Mustang that’s uniquely yours? 

Why add aftermarket parts to your 2022 Ford Mustang?

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Ford Mustang EcoBoost | Ford

Ford made 10 S550 Mustang models for 2022. You could dive deep and pay the $79,420 MSRP for the 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and have one of the baddest pony cars on the road without ever putting a wrench on it or a drop of sweat into it. Or you could spend significantly less money by buying a turbocharged four-cylinder Mustang EcoBoost with 310 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque or a V8-powered Mustang GT with 450 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque, adding some sweat equity, and creating a Mustang unlike any other. 

So, here are the 11 best aftermarket parts for the 2022 Ford Mustang, in no particular order:

1. Cold air intake system

One performance modification popular with the DIY crowd is a cold air intake system. Warm air is less dense than cool air, so it contains less oxygen in the same volume. Adding a cold air intake system allows the engine to pull cool, oxygen-dense air from outside the hot engine bay under the hood, increasing the engine’s power. And it sounds fantastic when you open the throttle. 

2. Cat-back exhaust

Swapping out your Mustang’s restrictive stock exhaust system with a free-flowing cat-back exhaust improves the exhaust note and provides significant horsepower gains. Perform this mod with a cold air intake system to see a combined benefit more potent than either provides alone. While many companies make DIY kits for at-home installation, know your limits and take all safety precautions anytime you’re underneath your vehicle. 

3. Stage 1 engine tune

A stage 1 engine tune provides a quick power boost for a small investment in a stock Mustang engine. However, it’s third on our list because a custom engine tune following mods one and two reaps the most significant rewards. Lund Racing sells its custom Mustang GT tune for $300. 

4. Oil separator

Adding an oil separator to your engine won’t increase horsepower, but it will protect the engine’s air intake system from sticky oil residue. A car’s emission system takes air from the crankcase as it pressurizes under normal operation and cycles it back through the air intake system to capture any escaping oil vapor. An oil separator condenses the oil vapor as it passes through a screen into a removable cup for disposal before it coats the air intake system. 

5. Short-throw shifter

Though many people will choose an automatic transmission for their new Mustang, the stock manual transmission is smooth and quick-shifting, especially with the addition of a short-throw shifter. American Muscle has short-throw shifter kits for under $600, providing a 25% throw reduction and adjustable side-to-side spring pressure. 

6. Coilover shocks

After increasing your Mustang’s power, it’s time to focus on handling, and the best mod for handling is upgrading to coilover shocks. While some low-priced coilover kits appear budget-friendly, this isn’t a mod where it makes sense to save money, as the stock suspension competes adequately with cheap coilover systems. Though a quality coilover kit improves the Mustang’s handling during aggressive driving and performs well as a daily driver, it also allows adjustable ride height for a custom fit when adding custom tire and wheel sizes or a body kit. 

7. Track handling pack

If you’re looking for more track-oriented handling performance, look for the “Track Handling Pack” from Ford or other aftermarket suppliers. The Track Handling Pack provides coilover shocks, robust anti-sway bars, and performance rear suspension toe links. 

8. Performance tires

Custom wheels and aftermarket tires add personalized flair to your Mustang. Though performance gains from aftermarket wheels are often negligible, performance tires often provide better grip than stock rubber from the factory. 

9. Whipple supercharger

A Whipple supercharger delivers the most significant horsepower gain available for your V8 Mustang GT, but it’s the most expensive mod on our list. Although not everyone can justify a $9,000 upgrade, those considering the 760-hp Mustang Shelby GT500 should compare the costs of upgrading a Mustang GT to around 825 hp. 

10. Twin-scroll turbo kit

The EcoBoost Mustang already boasts turbocharged power, but replacing the factory turbo with a Borg Warner twin-scroll turbo kit promises horsepower gains of “up to 67%,” the company claims. Like the supercharger mentioned above, the almost-$6,000 twin-scroll turbo kit is pricey. However, an EcoBoost Mustang harnessing over 500 hp makes a sweet sleeper muscle car. 

11. 4K ultra HD dual dashcam

A dashcam isn’t a performance upgrade like the above aftermarket parts. However, there are no downsides to adding a dashcam to your 2022 Mustang. Replaying drives you’ve taken can be fun, and recording for your safety and security adds peace of mind. Ford sells a Thinkware 4K ultra HD dual dashcam with night vision that fits 2019–2022 Mustang models. This complete bundle costs $699, but you can save installation costs by setting it up and configuring it yourself with what Ford says is easy-to-use software via built-in Wi-Fi.


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