1000 HP Nissan Franken-Navara “World’s Best Pickup” Says Builder

side view of proposed Narvana GT-R

Yeah, many would say a 1,000 hp Nissan Navara pickup truck would be the “world’s best pickup.” But we’ll let you be the judge. In spite of its killer track looks it will be a fully street-legal Nissan Navara pickup. The Navara is what the rest of the world gets from Nissan in a midsize truck. The US gets the Frontier. European Drift Champion Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni is the man with a mission while the magic is happening at SB Motorsports in the UK. So how is builder Biagioni getting 1000 hp from a Nissan Franken-truck to make it the world’s best pickup?

SB Motorsports builds drift cars and actually has a world-famous GTR drifter. It’s the star of many drift videos seen by millions since hitting the drift scene in 2017. That’s when the idea for a 1000 hp GTR-powered Navara was born.

The world’s best pickup will be a Navara and GT-R mashup

SB Motorsports crew with basis for Narvana GT-R
SB Motorsports Navara-R pickup | SB

The “Navara-R” will be a mashup of the pickup and GT-R but not by stabbing the twin-turbo V6 under the hood. Instead, Biagioni will be using the front and rear GT-R subframes. They, along with many other components, were leftovers from a GT-R race car project. “We’re not just gluing a Navara body onto a GT-R chassis,” Biagioni told Car Throttle. 

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The way Biagioni explains it there are basically three main parts to address. There is the frame, sheetmetal floor, and the cab itself. The plan is to pitch the frame and then tie-in the GT-R subframes to the cab. By doing it that way the subframes will allow the suspension, steering, and powertrain components to essentially bolt into the truck.

SB plans on adding an aero wide-body kit to mimic the aggressive capabilities inside of that body

Removing Navara body from chassis at SB Motorsports
SB Motorsports Navara-R pickup | SB

But those stock components will either be replaced by custom-built pieces or will be highly modified. On the outside, SB plans on adding an aero wide-body kit to mimic the aggressive capabilities inside of that body. As for the interior of the ‘world’s best pickup?” The plan is to keep it as stock-looking as possible. 

If you remember the Nissan Juke-R from a few years back a Juke body was placed over a GT-R platform. A few inches were taken out of the middle of the pan and an instant Juke-R was created. So Biagioni’s approach isn’t as easy but makes for an interesting approach.

Biagioni will also breathe on the V6 to get that 1,000 hp. The stock GT-R engine puts out around 600 hp. As of now, he’s not revealing how he will go about adding that extra 400-plus power.

There is even talk of bringing the 1000 hp Franken-truck to the US

SB Motorsports "Steve Baggsy" Biagioni
SB Motorsports “Steve Baggsy” Biagioni | SB

With the pandemic stalling racing, it’s the perfect opportunity to take his time and build the world’s best pickup. With the outrageous looks and Frankenstein appeal Biagioni already has shows lined up wanting the truck in 2021. There is even talk of bringing it to the US for some action as well.

SB Motorsports will be putting together a weekly show on their YouTube channel covering the build. It may even consider suggestions for how to handle certain aspects of building the world’s best pickup. With everyone waiting out the pandemic inside it’s the perfect show to help kill some time, be entertained, and learn something.